Mexican Standoff?

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  1. :lol: Stocking up for the swap meet? :lol:

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  3. If it is one thing I HATE is "diplomatic immunity" grrrrrrrr. I don't care who you are, or who you are with. You do wrong, you get punished.
  4. Amen brother!
  5. Yeah, no kidding. Diplomat my arse. You screw up, you pay, PERIOD!
  6. Diplomatic immunity this - Accidents happen, even to those with immunity on their way home. Maybe a fall into traffic or a hit and run by an unknown vehicle, maybe accosted by an unknown thug and of course relevant to the crime commited by the one with immunity.

    No PC here, Diplomatic immunity sucks.
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    Diplomatic Immunity is a crock of horse s*&t. You honestly think that if one o four diplomats was busted in another country they would just turn a blind eye? They would make his ass disappear and say "we don't know what happen to him, must have been street thugs."
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    Its not the fact that he gave them back....but what he learned from them. Sure, it may be some numbers to some high priced call girls, or the best steak house in town(s)....

    Face it: people are creatures of habit. What better way to get intel on a person, than to get thier cell phone?
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    It's funny how stupid moments like this sometimes makes me wish we still had Imperial rule, if only to keep the rule of "Espionage is stealing someone's private files. Secret? Then silence the secret."

    But of course that would be cruel. That and there's that whole totalitarian aspect to Imperial rule....That and murder is very bad....OH! And the lack of control by the public over state affairs.....

    Geez. Just can't win for losing these days...
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    No matter the hows and whys about his "actions"....
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    If he did get ANY useful intel, then we have only sloppy porcedures or lazy staff members to blame.

    I use a 'blackberry' type phone/pda for work. Policy requires it have a lock code and our company has contralized management such that a certain number of invalid access attempts automatcially triggers a remote wipe to be initiated. If we can do this, there is no reason our government should not be doing the same...