Michigan Members Interested In Shooting Club

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  1. catrplr

    catrplr Guest

    We are in Kingsley, Michigan, and Welcome everyone.
    Male or female doesn't matter.
    Check out: myspace.com/kingsleyclub45
    Don't worry I'm not here to spam, I own a few hi-points and most of our members own multiple hi-points also.
  2. how far is it from Lansing ?

  3. 69burbon

    69burbon Well-Known Member

    I don't get up to the Kalkaska area much anymore but thanks for the invite. I'm in the Flint area.
  4. let me know how long the drive is from lansing.
  5. catrplr

    catrplr Guest

    From Lansing to Kingsley

    Map quest says 165 miles away, Kingsley is Kinda in between Traverse City & Cadillac.