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  1. Good morning. Does Hi Point Website offer military discounts? Thanks. <>< :)
  2. I know they offered law enforcement discounts with the old ownership. It was a good discount if I remember right. But it took 13 months for me to get my. 40 ts I was told it was due to production not being able to keep up. I needed a letter from my chief, copy of my ID faxed, emailed to them. Then when it was ready to ship,they called and made payment arrangements. Shipped directly to pd. No ffl required, no transfer fee. I think, and this was about 4 years ago I paid like, 240/ 260 for a .40 ts with vertical hand grip, flashlight, Lazer, and 10 extra mags.
    I wasn't in a rush and I saved good $$$. So the wait didn't bother me. much.

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    I don't think they do anymore. Will need to check my emails at work to know for sure