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    I've been browsing the ebay markets for some new or nearly new AF ripstop ABU trousers. I love the ripstop because they are lighter and not as hot in the warmer weather.

    I have a question on the sizing. I know that most are adjustable at the waist. For me, a 36 is getting kinda tight, but a 38 is still kinda baggy, but since I'm only about 5'-10, my inseam is only about a 29"-30". Would that be a short (S) or a regular (R)? If you 'blouse' the ankles, the length shouldn't really matter if they are too long, right?

    Boy, some of those people on ebay sure want a ton for them!!! :eek:
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    LR (Large-Regular) cammo pants run a 35-39 waist and 29.5-32.5 inseam.
    I loved the summer weight ripstops myself. There are two variants of blousing the trousers if I'm not mistaken. Army was a tuck in the boot method and the USMC had elastic blousing bands for over the boot. From what I understand they are no longer required to do it??

    I used to wear XLXL's having a 38" waist and a 36" inseam. Having the extra room in the waist and inseam is always a bonus.

  3. Hermitt

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    Thanks for the reply, Rach. I have a pair of ripstop woodland camo BDU trousers that my wife picked up at a garage sale last summer and they have the built in blousing straps in the cuff seams. I tell ya, these are the most comfortable trousers that I've ever owned! Almost like wearing pajamas! :p
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    Right, every pair of utilities I was ever issued in the Corps had the built in tie on the cuff, but uniform regs required blousing them over the top of the boot. Best way to do it was with the elastic band (or condoms) which also served as a handy tourniquet in a pinch.
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    We had several ways to blouse. You could use the ties, or there were "scrunchy" things with metal hooks, or flat elastic with Velcro, they all served to hold the pants tight to the leg, inside the boot or just on top, and then you'd let the excess trouser hang down over outside the boot. We could also just keep them flat and tight to the leg, sort of wrapped tight around the calf, tucked into the boot, and not let anything hang over.

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    I remember blousing my boots and using those elastic straps

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    a good place to get BDU's would be your local military surplus store or even a airsoft store