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  1. I took my Taurus Millennium G2 out for the third time today. I'm still very happy with my choice to get this back in December. I have around 400 rounds cased in both brass and aluminum and I am yet to have an issue.

    For anyone looking for a compact, high cap 9mm in the $300 range, I would highly recommend they check these out.



  2. undeRGRound

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    Sure beats the he!! outta a C9 for looks, capacity, and size... :eek:
  3. Bought me one of these about 3 weeks ago. Only have 36 rounds through it so far but I like it. Very concealable and fits my hand well. Recoil's not bad either. Paid $300 for mine. So far.. Couldn't be happier. Gonna try some assorted hollow point next to see how she runs.
  4. sarahsmom

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    How does it compare to the recoil of s C9?
  5. You'll have to let me know how it does with the defense rounds. I've only shot FMJ Remington brass, and Federal brass and aluminum through it. I don't expect you to have any issues though.. it doesn't have a reputation online of being a picky eater.

    Before I purchased I went out and shot the Hi Point C9, Ruger LC9, Taurus 709, Armscor M200, a lower level Sig, and a few others. I really like the Sig but it was going to cost more money for a used firearm. I decided to go with the G2 and although it's no Sig, I'm very happy with it so far.
  6. It's very comparable. Possibly a little snappier, but very close. The Taurus 709 on the other hand seemed to have much more recoil.
  7. I've got several boxes of different HP rounds to try. I'll let you know which ones work and if any problems next weekend.
  8. Please do. No CCW for me yet, but hopefully in the near future.
  9. greg_r

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    It's pretty snappy. Does not have the weight to soak up the recoil like the C9 does. It does have a very ergonomic grip though. That helps handling of the recoil.
  10. greg_r

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    I have shot several hundred rounds of SD through my SIL's G2. And a ton of the Hornady HAP through his. None of the Buffalo Bore or other fancy stull, just the run of the mill big box store fare. I do not recall it ever having a stoppage.

    My brother and SIL both bought theirs at the same time. Motivating factor was the price. IIRC, $299 plus a $50 rebate!
  11. Thanks for the report. Can't beat them for money when they go on sale.
  12. greg_r

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    I was wrong about the price, they were $219 plus the rebate!
  13. Dagwood

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    I had a 24/7 G2. I really liked it but it was a bit ammo picky. It preferred ammo with soft primers. It was very prone to light strikes with WWB and federal. I really do like the styling, and the price is amazing! I have been eyeballing the Millenium. Same gun in compact. I might just have to get one.
  14. Well so far so good on the WWB and the Federal with the Millennium. Funny enough, I've been eye balling the 24/7s lately.
  15. planosteve

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    Thanks for the info, I have been thinking about one but can't decide if I want one yet. How many mags does it come with?
  16. Dagwood

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    The 24/7 came with 2 17rd mags. thats a lot of capacity.
  17. Bull

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    The PT92 also comes with 2 17rdrs.
  18. Sure is. I've been looking at getting something full size and between my experience with the Millennium and price of the 24/7, it was definitely an option.

    However, if they are picky on ammo I may look elsewhere. With exception to anything steel cased, I usually shoot whatever is cheapest or on sale.
  19. Bull

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    So far, mine hasn't been..... Brass, aluminum, and steel cased fmj have given me no problems.