Minor 4595 mods

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  1. Stock is painted lightly with Krylon fusion flat black to get rid of the nerf gun plastic look. Receiver cover stripped and I used KG Gun Kote deep flat black. Barrel paint stripped and refinished with Blue Wonder Gun Black. Front sight moved back , foregrip top rail thing that isn’t needed cut and sanded down flat. Replaced rear sight with a UTG sight. Cut down top weaver rail and got rid of the rest.

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/L009Gf
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  2. Looks good. Nice work. Very sleek.

  3. Sirjwil

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    Looks really clean and well done. Tasteful mods
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    I did a UTG rear sight, but instead of raising it, I lowered the front. It also was set to look under a monstrum 4x optic with the see thru base. Nice Work!
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    That looks nice with the front sight moved back. You've opened up a lot of room to thread the muzzle.
  6. I am thinking about threading the barrel, or having it done.
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    Very good work! I don't own a carbine, but I've definitely got one on my wish list!
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    Looks good, only thing I see wrong with that setup is you have to remove the front site to take down the weapon thus changing sight-in
  10. Actually not hard to line up at all, set screws mark the barrel , just remove 1 set screw shine a light into the hole and when it’s lined up tighten the other screw then put in the second one. Also the bottom of the sight that protrudes and is square can be used to line up with the open slot that is in the foregrip for the bottom rail that is now gone.
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    Isnt it nice to have a weapon that you can put krylon on and have someone say: Looks Good. But if you had a 1200.00 Browning Hi Power and did the same thing...people would want you committed or wanna beat your ( I )
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  13. Well for all it’s ugliness... that is the beauty of the hipoint carbine.

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    I want to find a cheap 995TS and paint it like this.............