Missed Opportunity? You Decide.

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  1. In the news a day or two ago.

    Older gent, vet of Korean War, and his wife sleeping in bed. Two weeks ago they came home to house that had been broken in to and ransacked. Now they are sleeping and here a crash at back door. Wife wakes husband and says, "Get your gun".

    Figure appears on the door way to bed room and says, "Don't move, I have a gun." Vet replies, "I do too and it's aimed at you.". The figure bolts. The couple call 911. No leads, no witnesses. Locals say man could have shot and that he handled himself very well. This is a true story.

    See Here

    So the question then - given same circumstances......... would you have taken the shot?

    I know I've had a lot of thoughts on these "situations" in the past - and I consider them good training for all of us. So your inputs / thoughts / perspective are for the value of all of us.