Missed Your Chance.........

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  1. Sorry, Off The Market!

    Bersa Thunder 380 with an actual round count of 7 shots (bought it new and shot it myself). No problems - functions perfectly. Comes with original Bersa box and everything that came with it: Owner's manual, key for internal lock, trigger lock, 7 round magazine, & spent casing.

    Also comes with the new wrap around Bersa grips that I personally put on the pistol. The original grips are in the package also......See the new grips installed per pic below!


    $269.95 CASH FTF!

    Buyer will be asked to provide appropriate ID and Sign Bill of Sale to finalize the deal!

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  2. I might ship to you if necessary to make a sale! You have to pay the shipping though!


  3. Thanks for your unsolicited email snipe! [​IMG]