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Missing spring?

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Hello all.

I have a C9 that I bought used. I took it out to the range a couple of times, enjoyed firing it and then decided I needed to clean it.

When I removed the slide, the firing pin retainer fell out. Cleaned the gun and reassembled it, but I'm worried that I missed a part or that my handgun was missing the part when I bought it.

I only had one spring in the firing pin assembly. It was the thinner, longer spring. The shorter, more stout spring that I saw in videos was not there.

Also, my firing pin retainer had a smooth ball head, not the dimpled one I was seeing in videos and online parts list.

So two questions:

1. Will my firearm function with just the one spring or do I need a replacement? (It was functioning fine before, so if it was missing, I didn't notice).

2. Is it possible that I have an older hi point or something like that to explain the differences in parts?

Any advice is welcome. Thanks much.
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some people remove the second spring and just run like that. I did on my 995c and never had an issue. but I would call and get the new system just to have spares anyway, since the firing pin can be the weak link in the firing train on HPs
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