Mississippi councilman says throw rocks at police chasing petty crooks in Jackson

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Rachgier, Jan 3, 2016.

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    Great idea use deadly force and wonder why you get shoot. Real smart.

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    Don't worry, he represents Jackson... There was a lot of backlash against him for that. At work in Jackson right now, all around here ghettos and abandoned buildings. All they ever do is put their on city down but refuse to fix a thing. The street I'm on now is a historic district. Used to be filled with people and businesses. Almost a ghost town now except for us. Pot holes everywhere. But every single one of them are too busy lining their own pockets while the Capitol city seems to get worse every year.
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    NE Utah
    I despise the entire premise of his idea.

    It is NOT ok to let "little" criminals go, and here's how you fix it...anything or anyone gets hurt, it's a charge added, just like how a criminal who's partner gets killed during the crime, he's on the hook for homicide. Lock them up.

    Another point...is your community such a cess pool that cops from your neighboring areas are routinely chasing people back to your place? And there's rocks, bricks and bottles laying around? Then maybe you need to clean up your house and quit whining.:cool:
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    I'll be honest, they need the other counties police. Rankin county doesn't play around period. And it's a nice place almost entirely. Jpd on the other hand, arrested people here New Year's Eve, spent 40 minutes talking to each other, let the people go, then spent another 30 minutes talking to each other all while blocking the one way street. No sign of them anywhere while people a neighborhood over are shooting in the air..
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    Dude's time in office is just ending. He can be arrested for inciting!
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    Last I saw our governor wanted an investigation on the statement.
  8. Rachgier

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    I believe it mentioned that in the article, and the fact that the Sheriff was going to approach the State AG to see if any laws had been broken.

    EDIT: Yep, found it.....

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    Jackson residents seem to always hold a grudge against Madison. They basically border each other and the mayor of Madison has stated she refuses to have apartment complexes and such built there because she doesn't want the wrong residents to start moving in and end up having the same crime problems. Take it however you may..
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    The sad part though is there were still some people defending stokes saying he was simply misunderstood and anyone who disagrees were the "racist rednecks"

    What group uses that as an argument....
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    We had a housing issue like that where I just moved from. A development company came in and started buying up all the run down and abandoned factory buildings left over from the Endicott-Johnson shoe boom. They started turning them in to apartment complexes or tearing them down and rebuilding them to do the same. Most of them were billed as student housing and they were wicked nice apartments. The locals in my old fire district pitched a MASSIVE fit and got a court injunction preventing them from developing the property. They didn't bother holding back, the residents were all over the local news saying that they didn't want the apartment complex built because the low income black families would move in and destroy the neighborhood. They would rather have the building leveled and the property turned in to a municipal parking lot.

    The plans for the building were fantastic. It was already 4 stories so they were going to turn the top 3 floors in to housing and leave the first floor open for local small businesses to come in and set up shop like an incubator type set up. The tax revenue generated from it would have been amazing for our Fire Department. It would have added an additional $10,000 a year to our operating budget. While it doesn't sound like much, 10k is huge to a small department. Plus the development company approached us saying that they were willing to update out personal escape systems which consisted of a sewn in type 2 body harness, rope bag, descender, and window hook. They also offered to buy several thousand gallons of foam for our CAF System. It was an obvious attempt to get us on their side, which we were already, and to motivate us to make sure we responded to any alarms there. The residents had previously shut down an effort for National Pipes and Plastics from procuring the building and turning it in to their National HQ.

    Why people would rather keep a dilapidated and condemned building people use to make meth and not turn it in to an updated and modern source of tax revenue is beyond me.
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    Jackson just sucks. Don't live there if you can help it.
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    The BLM guys most likely.
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    Because every low income apartment complex that starts out nice turns into a drug dealers paradise and an eyesore in a matter of years...

    They built one here. Nice apartments, all section 8 low income. Originally it was all seniors but when they died HUD insisted they take welfare cases from the Twin Cities... yeah it is now nothing but trouble with garbage everywhere...
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    Todays condos are tomorrows projects.