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    Anyone shoot this 77 grain ammo thru their AR ?? , this is available thru SSA or silver state armory and is a OTM Sierra rd 2750fps and able to hit targets @ 700yrds
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    No, but that weight is the same as used for a long range comparison between 7.62x51 and 5.56x45 at 920 yards I read once. Both destroyed water jugs in the same manner :D Not real scientific comparison, but the retained energy of the 556 exceeded a 38 Special right out of the muzzle! :eek:

    I will delve into those type rounds once I get a long barrel setup, but not before.
    I like a 24" barrel for max velocity, but the lighter varmint rounds call for less twist.
    The heavier bullets like the 1:7 twist.

    What is the pricing on that ammo, 'Vet?

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    Found some SSA Sierra otm 77 grain for $17 per 20rd box . This ammo is very frangible at short range and at long range has enough kick to still do damage

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    The mk262 rd was developed after soldiers in Afghanistan noticed m855a1 ammo wasn't inflicting enough damage from fragmentation and was only creating thru and thru wounds . The mk262 with its high velocity fragments extensively leaving a more severe wound . Also the mk262 rd is widely used now in special ops command

    Like I mentioned previously the mk262 or SSA Sierra OTM 77 grain fragments really nasty at short ranges and will still do a lot of damage at 500 yrds plus

    The mk262 or SSA Sierra otm ammo is great on soft targets

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    Not sure why people are not interested in mk262 or mk318 ammo . The military switched to this ammo for a reason due to the poor performance of the m855a1 ammo
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    What makes you think that people aren't interested in it?

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    With all the panic buying of ss109 / m855 people overlook a flaw these rds have if used in a defensive manor . As mentioned previously these rds don't yaw on their axis causing the rd to not fragment and will only produce thru & thru wounds . A mk262 or mk318 even though hi powered 77 grain are designed to violently fragment at CQB and up to 200 yrds . Plus these high powered rds even at 600 yards will fragment causing extensive injuries

    Even the newer m855a1 ammo is flawed and the reason the military especially Socom adapted to the mk262/mk318 ammo

    A SS109 / m855 rd will penetrate up to 10" of stacked plywood and the bullet is intact . A mk262/mk318 will penetrate up to 4" and severely fragment
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    Yeah, I get that Greentip is more "stable" and doesn't fragment. But the fact that people were ban-panic buying it doesn't equate to people not being "not interested in mk262 or mk318 ammo."

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    I've talked with a few AR enthusiasts and when I mentioned mk262/ mk318 they had no clue to what I was referring to . All they said was out of all the 5.56 nato ammo the ss109/m855 was the best
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    They probably said that because it used to be some of the best-for-the-money reliable and consistent ammo. I don't know If they were necessarily implying that it was the best overall performing ammo.

    With that being said, I'll bet that if you went back and talked to them that they would concur that the newer types of ammo are better performing.