MKS step in and create NEW MAGS FOR HP Pistols!

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  1. Ok, so I been having my Hi-pont C9 for a good little while now (time not important) and after getting it, I was really "laxadaisy" about shooting it. Up until my gf purchased me a Sig Sauer Sp2022 for a gift. I decided to bring both pistols out for some range time. Even after hearing all the c9 mag horror stories, still I spent my hard earned cash. Long story short, i put about 100rounds throught it and I have three 10rd mags and three 8rd. One of the 10 rd mags jammed every other rd, another 10 rd mag had about 3 or 4 FTF, and last 10 rd was flawless. Same story with the 8 rd mags pretty much 2 ran like shizah and one was flawless. Now i heard that the mags are too narrow and pinches the round so you should get needle-nosed plyers and gently pry open the mouth of the mags. Ok, first off, NO company or manufacturer, let alone firearms, should release their product to the general public and still not have a finished product. Meaning, the consumers, who spent their time and money out of their day for a supposed "finished product", have to come up with ways for it to actually work properly. Summary here is why hipoint, after hearing countless stories about your mags constantly malfunctioning, continue to sell these without making some kind of a adjustment. Don't get me wrong, the actually gun works flawlessly, its a beast. The mags are a totally different story on its own. MKS please step in and suggest they make better mags...make that announcment and watch sales rise!
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    MKS can suck it. I hate 'em. Plus the guy running it could be a gun runner.;)

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    MKS is not Hipoint
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    Another issue I have with their mags is that the follower allows the rounds to nose dive fairly easily, especially with a full mag. Not only that, but the mags are pieced together so poorly that I can actually see where they stretch apart on the back of the mag when it is fully loaded.

    I have never had any trouble out of my Hi Point, but I have to keep it well oiled and fairly clean. Not to mention the tune up I had to give it, including polishing the feed ramp, sanding away the burrs in the metal, and a couple other small things.

    Overall I like the pistol but I agree with the OP, the shape that the handguns and magazines leave the factory should not be allowed. If it werent for a number of helpful youtube videos, online forums, and word of mouth I dont think Hi Point would have the business they do now because without it all we would be stuck with exactly what we get from the factory- something less than desirable.

  5. Totally agree, Hi-point owes a huge part to Youtube vids and other sources and at the same time, there is videos showing you how to "fix" the mag, but on the other hand, there's SO MANY MORE that's showing even more problems or forums with countless complaints. So your (Hi-Point) saying if I purchase 30 mags just for ****s'n'giggles, I have to "bend the lip" of every single one? psh. Probably not. And just for the record, I strongly support HP, so im not bashing, just saying.
  6. Lol :eek::eek:[
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    We really do wish they would do better.

    But I have a pile of mags between 18 guns, and I've had to tweak only a few of the mags.
  8. What's their association with them then? Not being a smartass, just asking.
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    MKS is their distibutor. BeeMiller makes the guns & MKS sends them out to all the dealers around the world.
    BeeMiller aka Hi Point is in Mansfield, Ohio
    MKS Distributor is in Dayton, Ohio. Long distance if you have to walk it, maybe 7-8 hours?
    2 1/2 hours by car?
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    MKS is similar to Star Industries. They are both distributors for "ring of fire" handguns. Neither actually produce the guns nor own the companies.
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    All three of my 995TS magazines can easily nosedive on the top round. If I seat it forward slightly, it does spring up a little if I push down on it. However it's something I've always been very mindful of when loading.

    My other magazines made by Beretta, Mecgar, and Ruger have all been flawless in design.
    I know the 15 round Promags void the warranty, but what of their 10 rounders for the 995TS?

    I'd no doubt pay a little more for a proper mag.
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    Buy factory mags and be happy, problem solved.
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    You either walk very fast or drive very slow. :p
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    I have 11 mags for my 4595 and I have never had any issues after I did the load and let them sit routine. Is this an issue with the 9 mm mags only?
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    I have 3 factory mags and 2 non factory mags for my 995ts and the factory mags work great. The 2 non factory mags I altered to make them work and they now work great. Last rd hold open and everything. The carbines are just superior to the pistols imho.