Mobile Home Owners (HELP!!!)

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  1. Hey everyone. I live in a house in the burbs of west Houston. All is well.
    But my mother is in need of a place to live at the end of May. I have a month to come up with something affordable.
    My mother's income is limited to Social Security so she doesn't need anything that's costly monthly. I don't want her to rent because it would take most of her monthly check and be pissed away. So we talked about her and I buying a trailer/mobile home 50/50. Pay for it cash. Then she can afford to live like a normal person. So I've been looking for one (lightly used) outside of Houston and I've come up with nothing. They're always "for rent", it seems. I need to buy one! If I can find something for say 15K-18K, and with a low monthly lot fee, we'd both be stylin, per say.
    But as popular as trailer parks are in rural Texas, I can't find anything online!!! HELP!!!
    Am I a complete retard, or is my idea realistic?
  2. Its not a bad idea Shadowlands, the only problem is you have to stay after the maintenance or they will fall apart around you, trust me on that one.

    Hope this link will help

    Hope your mom is continuing to do better.

  3. Waltham, I really appreciate the fast reply. I'm stressin' about finding her a place. It's not the money that's the problem. She can pay 15-18K, and I'll carry the lot fees myself. Just need to find something... I'll check out your link...
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    Shadowland, if you own land, and it's not against zoning laws where you live: You may be able to place it on your existing land, saving more money than renting a lot... over time. Of course it costs $ to move it, set up costs, have utilities brought in, or permits... If you look at all the cards before you decide which path is better for you, you'll come out a lot better. (that goes for just about everything, too!)

    There seems to be a lot of mobile home dealers on the "Gulf Freeway" in Houston Texas... don't know if they are new or used, but here's one place:
    Luv Homes - Phone: (713) 943-8886
    Mobile Home Dealers & Rentals
    9977 Gulf Fwy
    Houston, TX

    I'd take a trip down the Gulf Freeway and see what options were available... If i was in your position.
  5. Thanks Strangerous!
    I'm taking a little road trip this weekend with my girlfriend. We're driving around the outside of Houston to all the areas that my mother would like to live. And see if any individuals are selling mobile homes that are used and already set up in a park. I don't have any land. I wish.
    The cheapest thing would be to let my mother move into my home, but my house is tiny and my girlfriend spends a lot of time here. It just wouldn't work. I love my mother, but she'd always be in my business.
    I need to find her a place of her own that we can both afford.
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    Ahhh, I understand... Good luck, perhaps you should look on in the houston area and see what's selling... Hey, It's better than feEbay.
  7. Strangerous,
    Great minds think alike. I just wrote to about 4-5 peeps selling mobile homes outside of Houston via craigslist.
    I just can't let me mother down. She's all worried and I told her that I'd find her something awesome that she'd be proud of. I've got four weeks to do so!!!
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    Don't disappoint "su madre"... It's the golden rule. (If she was a good madre)
  9. Shadowlands, I know it may be a stretch, but it's not like you can't move your Mom's stuff into storage for a few weeks and let her crash in your guest room for a while until you get things sorted out. I know it's a bit of an invasion of your privacy, but it's worth it in the long run. Hope you find what you're looking for dude. Prayers are with you.
  10. ....and the fact is, you're on top of it. That's worth at least 3, maybe 4 points! You'll do alright so TRY to stop stressing too much; we're pullin' for you.
  11. Thanks a million, everyone!
    I appreciate it.
    I'm going to keep on searching, for sure.
    I'm looking this weekend with my girlfriend, and she's optimistic that we'll find something. I hope so.
    Found one for 28K with land, near Lake Livingston, in east Texas!
    But she'd be 25 miles from the closest town...
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    Just another Idea, Some Of the travel trailers are just as big as some of the single wides and almost as acomidating.

    And for a single Person would not be bad at all. When I moved to Kansas with the wife we got a small trailer so save some $$$. In the Park there was a couple in there travel trailer, hooked up to the comercial power and water sewege lines. There were also a few other GUYS that were there while wife stayed home in XXX state. The single guys worked for a contract Company and would only be there for maybe a year at the most.

    They all seemed fine with it and even Stated they are cheaper then renting anythingelse and for just them it is all they need.

    A few of the guys cominted on how great they were for vacation time also.

    Just something to think about.
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    Shadowlands, if you see a mobile that is nice but is up for rent call the owner and see if they want to sell it. You might be surprised how many landlords are willing to sell a property, the one you are looking at might be the alligator of the landlords rentals and he may be willing to get rid of it. You may not get a yes the first call, but I am sure you would get one. As the landlord could just purchase another rental or go on a nice vacation with the money from the sell.

    When I was looking at buying a home I had called several owners of 'stick built' homes and asked about buying. Many of them were totally open to the idea, unfortunately for me home prices went through the atmosphere here and I never made the move.

    Even if the owner of an already placed and established mobile wants a little more for it than the guy that requires his to be moved it might be worth it in the end.
  14. Shadow, look around the Conroe and Willis area... whole buch of homes there. The price of land may be more though.
  15. Thanks everyone! I appreciate you all taking the time.
    I may have just found something. Get this...
    I was talking to my girlfriend earlier today and telling her how I'm having problems locating a nice trailer in a good park. She tells me that we can go look at her Aunt's trailer in Houston during lunch. Even though my mother doesn't want to settle in Houston proper, I went to have a look. OMG! Next to my girlfriend's Aunt's trailer is a beautiful property and it's in our price range. It's beautiful! It was a huge, covered deck! Her Aunt has toured the inside and said it's excellent inside. Comes with everything. And it's move-in ready. My girlfriend and I are going Friday to see it officially. I told my mother how excited I was about it. She's not thrilled about it being in "Houston", but it's near my workplace and I could visit her often. That's one huge plus.
    I'll know more Friday. And even if it's not "the one", my girlfriend and I are looking at more on Saturday as a back-up plan...
  16. Bushman,
    The one I'm interested in is actually inside the city. It's just inside the beltway. It's near West Little York and Gessner, not far from the Horse Track... that's not what my mother had in mind, but I really like this place. It's a diamond in the rough...
  17. Hey man, great to hear you might have something, can you find out how the crime rate is in that area? That would be one big thing I would worry about, and if your mom doesnt drive is there public transportation close by or stores within walking distance?

    I am sure you have already thought of all of these things, but just thought I would throw them in as they would be on my mind.

    Good luck!
  18. Waltham,
    I have a little advantage here for my girlfriend's Aunt lives next door! Messed up, huh? And she likes the park. Says management really keeps up with any issues or bad people. And it's mostly families and or older people. Says it's a pretty silent place, even at night.
    It's not near public transportation, but in Houston, that's actually a good thing. You don't want to be near a busline in Houston. Our buses are pretty ghetto. She'll be able to get to/from stores, Wally World, Target, etc... within five minutes, just with local cross streets. She doesn't have to touch any freeways at all.
    So all in all, I like the idea.
    But who knows, it might just sell before I show up on Friday. Ha!
  19. Hope not, it sounds like a good deal. Good luck!
  20. Waltham,
    I'm going to look at it Friday and I'll take some photos to show my mother when I see her later that night.
    My mother is being a pest for she's not happy with anything I come up with, but she'll have to learn to accept it. If I had buckets of money, I'd get her something better, but I don't. I just wish she'd smile and thank me for having her back...