Mock Drill - Possible Catastrophe

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  1. Unreal.

    Mock Gunman Drill Terrifies Students, Faculty at North Carolina University

    Wednesday, February 27, 2008


    Elizabeth City State University is offering counseling to faculty and students after some became unknowing participants in an emergency response drill.

    The News & Observer of Raleigh reported in Wednesday's editions that an armed man burst into a classroom Friday, threatening to kill students. The drill came eight days after a gunman killed five people and himself in a classroom at Northern Illinois University.

    Anthony Brown, vice chancellor of student affairs, said ECSU was testing its response to such shootings. E-mail and text messages were sent five days before the drill, notifying students, staff and faculty, he said.

    "The intent was not to frighten them but to test our system and also to test the response of the security that was on campus and the people that were notified," Brown said.

    But not everyone got the word, including assistant professor Jingbin Wang, whose American foreign policy class was held hostage.

    "I was prepared to die at that moment," Wang said Tuesday of the moment the gunman entered the room.

    At 1:31 p.m. Friday, e-mail and text messages were sent, saying: "This is a test. ECSU is holding a test drill where an armed intruder will enter a room in Moore Hall and be detained by campus police."

    The campus police officer who played the role of the intruder carried a red plastic model gun, the school said in a news release.

    In a telephone interview Tuesday, Wang said the man came to the door and said he wanted to talk. "Suddenly the man pointed the gun at me," he said, adding that he didn't have time to consider whether the gun was real.

    The seven students were lined up against the wall, and the intruder threatened to kill the one with the lowest grade point average. Wang said the man told them that he had been kicked out of school and that he needed a lung transplant.

    After about 10 minutes, campus police ended the drill by subduing the man.

    In April, 32 students at Virginia Tech were killed by student gunman Seung-Hui Cho. That shooting has led schools to examine their emergency plans and conduct safety drills.

    For example, UNC-Greensboro held an active shooter exercise in January that was attended by law enforcement and university officials from around the state. But students were not on campus when the drill was held during winter break.


    So, let's say some CCW holder...... not knowing it was a drill, pulls a gun and nails the intruder. NOW, who's fault is it???? See, I TOLD you guns on campus was a bad idea......... And these people are the elite educators of our time????? Golly, this ticks me off. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
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    "the intruder threatened to kill the one with the lowest grade point average. Wang said the man told them that he had been kicked out of school and that he needed a lung transplant."

    I would have kicked him in the nuts, and shoved the red plastic gun 1 of 2 places...

    I just hope he.... A:Filed the front sight off, or B: Candy-Coated the handle.

  3. Mike_AZ

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    Speaking as someone who works in IT and sends site wide e-mails announcing things like system downtimes, testing, etc, I have to wonder if the professor didn't get the message because the message wasn't delivered to him, or because he just deleted it without reading it? I know I run into a lot of the latter.
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    I wouldnt be surprised if students started discreetly carrying eventually turning a test like this one into a tragedy.

    Ive considered going back to school to work on my bachelors degree but will not do so until CHLs are allowed on campus.
  5. Good intentions, bad results
  7. Space

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    One of these days someone is going to get blown away doing something stupid like that.

    Same thing with these stupid reality "prank" shows that do similar sorts of things. Doing it to the wrong person could get you killed.
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    You know what's even more scary than that? NC allows OC... cept in certain areas, including schools; so you would think that it would be ok to OC on school grounds (seen as everybody can see that you are armed and not hostile)... but tragically, its not.
  9. 1. come on - you need more warning than that (perhaps not the entire story captures the attempt to notify/warn people of the exercise).

    2. the tradition is (tragically) that the gunman enters and starts shooting. no delayed, no mind game line-em-up bull***. They just start killing. Wake up people, response needs to be on the spot. Campus police would start to respond AFTER shooting starts. That's if people on the periphery are alarmed enough to quickly notify campus police.

    sometimes it makes me so mad.
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    That would have ended very very badly here in Utah, where the right to concealed carry are protected by law, even on college campuses...

    At any rate, an e-mail is not sufficient warning, and there was no reason for the guy to walk in and say anything other than "folks this is a drill, we're testing our campus' police response, please line up along the wall".

    Stupid, stupid, move that could very easily have ended in tragedy.
  11. amen to that. I know a fried of mine did near richmond after VT. Still pisses me off that there is a state general statute that won't allow guns even on college campuses, so its out of the schools hands :cry: