model JH .45 problem

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    My buddy has a JH model pistol. We replaced the firing pin, but somehow he lost the sear spring. So I found another spring that looked like it would work. After reassembly, the firing pin is stuck forward, and the slide won't pull back enough to access the slide retainer pin.
    So the gun won't shoot, and we can't disassemble it to fix the problem. Can anyone help me?
  2. 1-866-948-4867

    Call Hi Point, tell them what you did, and send it in for repair. No charge and they will give the pistol a look over for any other problems while they have it there.

    Thats my suggestion.

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  3. Are you sure you didn't put the sear in backwards? I did that once and experienced the same issues you are describing now.
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    You accidently put the sear in backwards. Call Haskell Mfg. at 419-225-8297. This is direct to the .45 factory. The 866 # is to Beemiller Inc. in Mansfield. Or just send in to: Haskell Mfg. Inc. 585 E. Bluelick Rd. Lima, Ohio 45801. Along with a note of the problem. They will fix you up.