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Hi to all;

I started posting here a few months back; been gone hunting. Now that I'm back still have a few questions; also a few alterations that I made to my C 9mm.

I will start with the alterations (if that's the right word); nahh lets call it MODIFYING. Yep thats better.

First thing; being a new pistol it was a tad stiff to pull back the slide to jack a round in (after several hundred rounds it's loosened up a tad now). But I got to thinking it just might be a tad difficult to pull back for someone with arthritis in their hands; or for some female shooters. First I went to Wally World looking for some anti-slip pads that glue onto boat trailers to stop from slipping and landing in the water. I decided that they were too much like coarse sand paper and the ladies might not like that. So on the advice of a pretty little gal in the sporting goods dept, I went to the ladies shoe department and asked to see the pads they put on the soles of high heels to stop women from slipping on their butts on wet or snowy/icy streets and sidewalks. This looked like it just might do it. They come two to a pack; one for each shoe; and they are kind of a soft rubbery stuff that you can cut with a pair of scissors. I could only get one for each side out of each pad; no problem they only cost me two bucks for both. I cut them out to fit on the rear of the slide, cutting around the safety; and the length goes up to the rear of the extractor. They are self adhesive; no glue necessary; and this is some strong glue; I doubt they will ever come off by themselves; and they are waterproof because on ladies high heels thats needed for walking in the rain. This stuff is perfect! I chose a gun metal grey color that looks very nice; the contrast between the black on the pistol and the grey pads really looks good. The pads are a kinda soft rubber pebbly texture; and I guarentee you that your hands will never slip even if the pistol is soaking wet. I only have to grip the slide half as hard now to pull it back due to those nonslip pads I put on. theydid not have them in black color only gun metal grey and pink. Since I didnt want to get into any fistfights I chose the gun metal grey. lol Now this may not be for everybody; but I sure as hell am going to continue using them; its a real safty feature! If you ever have to jack a round in in a hurry I guarentee that your hands will never slip off that slide; and it even makes it about twice as easy to pull the slide ALL THE WAY BACK!

The next bit of modifying I did was on the safety. The safety bothers me, as my thumb sometimes will miss the safety and slide right off it. This could cause me to get hurt if it happened at the wrong time. So I bought some kind of a (flat in the middle) aluminum knitting needle, at Wally World again, that was just as wide as the safety. I cut a piece out of the middle so that it was the exact same size as the safty; smoothed up the rough marks from the cutting so it looked good. Then on the side that attaches to the saftyI filed some grooves in a hatchback pattern, for the JB Weld to stick to, and glued it onto the safety with JB Weld. CAUTION!!!
Make sure you want to do this before you put it on with JB Weld because that stuff will never come off. If you dont like the finished product you will either have to get a new safty, or grind everything off the safty and that would be difficult to do. This little modification to the safty worked out perfect in my opinion. Now wnen I pull my C 9mm out of my FOBUS holster the safty sticks out exactly how I wanted it to do, and that safty is off in a heartbeat with never a miss; and it doesn't touch the holster in any way. Best part is that it looks like it was done that way at the factory.

I will send pics of those modifications for you all to look at and get your opinions on it; as soon as i can figure out how to post pics in here. I am kind of dumb with computers. But even if nobody else likes the modifications, I am going to stick with them because in my opinion they make my C 9mm easier and safer to use; and the best part is that I think they look good and dont junk up the looks any.

Now for the questions.

I think the trigger/sear sucks big time! Mushy with creep and too heavy. Does anybody have any suggestions to improve it? Also has anyone tried to put a trigger shoe on the C 9mm?

What kind of groups are you guys getting at 25 yards?
I called the factory today and talked to one of their experts and asked him and he told me that "8 shot groups should be no bigger than a golf ball". I said, "you can keep 8 shots within two inches at 25 YARDS?" and I emphasized YARDS;and he said "thats right". I dont believe him! So what say you guys; what kind of 8 shot groups are you getting at 25 YARDS???

Hasta la bye bye

Well as for the groups at 25 yards, I can keep it within 2 inches or less. It is not hard to do once you get it sighted and learn the weapon. As for your shoe stuff there is another thing that works very well. It is the stuff you get for your electronics like your phone, camera and other stuff. It is called something like insta grips or something. I had posted it in another thread. They stick very well and make gripping the slide easy and doesn't interfere with holstering or unholstering. As for the safety I found a good way to make it easier to use. I used a vacuum line plug like on a car.It cost less than $.50 and it looks good and makes the safety easier because when it is slipped on the safety the rubber sticks out just enough.Then if you don't like it you can slip it back off.
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