modified sigma 9mm and 38spl

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  1. Hi all i have a sigma 9mm with a trigger job, 2 16rnd mags and 6 10rnd mags it has a black hawk level 2 holster and a case. I have almost 2000rnds of fmj ammo and 500rnds JHP ammo if you are law enforcement and can prove it then i have about 500rnds of LEO ammo. I would prefer a ftf on this.

    I also have a 38spl highway patrolman with a holster i want $125 FOR THE 38. I will consider trades for either weapon.
  2. gvachon

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    Do you have any pictures of that 38?

  3. Robert, how much for the Sigma?
  4. well i cant say that i really want to sell the sigma i was hoping for a trade of a berreta m9 or a clone the price i would want in cash is more then you could buy the weapon for brand new but then again i got a lot of stuff for it. i would have to say i want at least $450 cash just cause of all the goodies i got for her. problem is the price of em new is only like $350 here although new you only get 2 mags not 8 and no holster or trigger work.........
  5. I will post some pics soon..........
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    what is the bbl on the 38 spl.
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    That is a very good price on the .38... That would make a very solid HD gun for the wifes on the forum. Or a great gun for the gun safe in the car.

    I can't wait to see the photos

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    Also interested in taking a look at that .38.
  9. I would be interested in looking at the pics for the .38. Looking for a revolver for the lil' lady.
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    What state?
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    Glockman, he's from "See the kitty go SPLAT!!!!!!" I think that's in Michigan...
  12. Yes i am in michigan and sorry no pics yet been too busy with work i will try like hell to get some up tomorrow. the 38 has a 4 1/2 inch barrel.
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    If you don't mind sending me some pics of the 38 to me first that would be great. I live in SE Michigan, so we could just meet up at an FFL and maybe to the transfer there.