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ALWAYS ensure your firearm is unloaded and cleared before working on it.

Proceed at your own risk. If you are not sure what you are doing, stop now.

The Stallard JS-9 has been out of production for nearly twenty years, and parts support for the old alloy framed Beemiller pistols has dwindled down to zero, including magazines.

I was looking at a Hi-Point 995 carbine magazine beside a Stallard JS-9 magazine, and I was struck by their similar dimensions.

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The 995 mag is longer, but since the JS-9 magazine is retained by a European-style heel release, I thought perhaps the 995 mag could be modified to work. A quick disassembly of the 995 mag followed by a few minutes with a Dremel, and the deed was done.

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This modification is so minor that the 995 magazine still works perfectly in the 995 carbine. Unfortunately the 995 mag doesn't sit flush in the JS-9's magwell, but from my viewpoint, it doesn't hang out appreciably.

Following is how I modded my 995 mag.

Remove the 995 mag baseplate (a butterknife works well), remove and set aside the spring and follower.

Using a file or a Dremel, cut a 3/16" deep slot across the back of the mag body as shown. Do not remove more than 3/16", otherwise the mag will sit too low and the rounds won't feed properly.

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Next, cut away 1/8" at the rear of the base of the magazine. (Just make a neater cut than me!) Note: the cut should be wide enough to accommodate the JS-9's heel release.

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Reassemble the magazine; you should have something that looks similar to what is shown below:

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Check fit. The heel release should engage once the 995 mag is fully inserted. If the heel release hangs up, double check your cuts are wide enough to accommodate the heel release.

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IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: If you decide to perform a function check at home, only use snap caps since the firing pin is the ejector and could result in an accidental discharge.

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