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The Hi-Point CF380 / C9 pistol (I’ll call it a C9 from hereon) comes standard with an eight round magazine. Hi-Point owners have an option of purchasing a ten round magazine which features an extended base plate, commonly referred to as the “battery back”.
The ten round magazine uses the same magazine body as the Hi-Point 995 carbine (Classic or TS); the sole difference is the battery pack base plate. While the 995 will cannot accept any of the C9 magazines, the C9 will accept the 995 magazine; however there is a lot of play in the C9 mag well which may result in feeding issues.
Hi-Point has embraced the concept of using a single magazine in both pistol and carbine in 40S&W, (4095 carbine and JCP pistol) and likewise in 45ACP, (4595 carbine and JHP pistol).

I wanted to use a single magazine in both my 995 and in my C9 and have the gun feed reliably 100% of the time.

One of our HPFF forum members (panozz77) addressed the 995 magazine play in his C9 by cutting down the sleeve from a Promag 15 round magazine to fit on the 10 round 995 magazine, and that got me working on making the battery pack base of the C9 10 round mag into a sleeve.

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Above: An epoxied 9mm magazine sleeve next to a 10 round “battery pack” mag

What you will need:

-C9 ten round magazine
-Butter knife
-Dremel tool with cut off discs and grinder bits
-Utility knife or XActo knife
-JB Weld or other suitable epoxy
-Replacement base plate for a 995 magazine (the base of the C9 mag will also work and as you will see in some of the pictures)

Remove the mag base:
Grab a butter knife from the kitchen drawer and insert it between the base and the mag body as shown.
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Press the tab upward and wiggle the base downward. The tab should disengage.

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Hold the base in that position and repeat on the other side, and the base should pop off. Be patient. It was a bit difficult to do this the first time I tried this, but it’s easy to do once you get the knack of it.

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Remove the material in the base:
Remove all the material in the bottom of the base (outlined in red) and cut or grind the side locking tabs in order to allow the magazine to freely slide completely through.
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I begin with a drill, and follow up with a Dremel and a utility knife.

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The goal is to minimize the side-to-side and back & forth play of the 995 magazine, so when removing material, make sure that you carefully follow the internal angles in the base. When you are done, the base should easily slide up and down the mag body. You will need to grind a small relief in the side of the base to allow the bulge for the mag catch to freely pass.

Remove material from the sides:
Match up the base of a 995 magazine to the battery pack base and scribe the outline with an Xacto knife. Using a cut off wheel, slowly begin to cut into the base. The support rib (circled) is an important part that stabilizes the magazine; only remove what is required.
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Remove the material with a Dremel or utility knife as shown.
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You’ll have to cut across the back of the battery pack to allow the base to fit as shown below.
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After removing some material, stop and check the fit with either a C9 or 995 magazine.
Be patient and take your time.

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Eventually you will end up with something looking like the pictures below.
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The target depth is right around 3/8” as shown.
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Make sure the magazine inserts deep enough to engage the mag catch, if it doesn’t, carefully remove a bit more material.

When you’re done, the sleeve should slide freely up and down on the body of the magazine and engage the mag catch. If it snags up halfway up, you probably have to grind a bit more relief in the side of the base to allow the mag catch bulge to pass by.

The battery pack mag sleeve can also be used to fill the gap and stabilize the 15 round ProMag as shown. below. It looks a bit odd, but it works very well. (Apologies, I do not have a 20 round Redball magazine to test it on.)

Optional step:
I decided to fill in the sides of the magazine in with epoxy.
Tape the mag body with clear packaging tape or painter’s tape.
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Mix up a batch of epoxy and fill in the side slots entirely.

Allow epoxy to thoroughly cure before removing the mag body.
After the epoxy has cured, gently work the magazine sleeve off the magazine.
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