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I'm curious about how folks are going about making (seemingly) simple mods to the standard Hi Point stock that, for them, have been secure and functional? I'm talking about things like adding short rails towards the front that allow you to mount lights, lasers or even front grips.

my beloved Hi Point is part of my entry into the world of owning/customizing firearms so forgive me if i'm asking a really simple question. but is it really as simple as carefully drilling holes into the regular stock and adding short rails?

Disclaimer: i understand that modifying the factory stock is likely to forfeit certain elements of the Hi Point warranty; one should always consider what's legal for where they live before making mods; the benefits of mods are measured somewhere between looks and function (i.e. what just looks darn cool vs. how the firearm is to be used).

I mean, based on what i've seen via this FANTASTIC forum, most of the mods are either simple adaptations (like adding a rail + accessories ) made on the ATI stock OR what I consider to be rather detailed overhauls to the original stock (like precise measuring, cutting, etc.) that require pretty good craftsmanship. There seem like only a few "simple" mods made to existing stock.

Is this the case? And for those that have decided to work with what came in the box, what kind of structural/craftsman issues did you have to resolve in order to make your additions solid?

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