Molon Labe local gun store in Huber Heights, OH

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    Just a short review of a new LGS.

    Living in Huber Heights, I was excited to find a new LGS opening. To date, Huber Heights has been "under served" in this area. We have a Pawn shop which "also sells" guns, and 3 or 4 Big Box stores with firearms departments, and 3 LGS's in nearby towns within 20 min. drive or so. There have been several LGS's which have come and gone, but this is, currently, the only specific "gun store" operating in Huber Hights, owned by a "gun guy," and specifically catering to the firearms buying public. All others, besides the Pawn, are Big Box, even the ones which are "sporting goods" or "outdoors." Only the Pawn and the new LGS are local, keeping their profits in the community.

    The LGS is Molon Labe Arms and Supply at 4990 Nebraska Ave, Huber Heights, OH 45424.

    I've driven by the block they're on countless times. Their sign isn't big and obvious so they may want to address that, additionally because they're not right there on the corner of the main drag (SR 201). I see the Family Video and Little Ceasar's pizza for sure, but Molon Labe is a couple of businesses down off of the turn.

    Having been in other startup LGSes in Huber, I was expecting a pretty small shop with a pretty limited selection of firearms in stock under the glass along with a small smattering of ammunition and an even smaller stock of accessories. Sadly, I was not "disappointed" in this expectation. It's a startup in a profession with an exceptionally high cost of per-unit inventory. I.E. guns ain't cheap. However, the shop is perfectly willing to order and if you don't see it under the glass, they can probably get it for you.

    The shop had a surprising selection of used long arms. I expected them to have, at most, 5. They probably had 10 or 15 on the wall when I went in, including a very seldom seen 16 Ga. bolt-action shotgun with screw in choke. I wanted it immediately but have less than zero need for one. However, since I needed a .22 bolt rifle for boy scouts rifle shooting training, I walked out of the store with a used, pre-NFA (and somewhat ruggedly used) 22 popper. I talked him down off the marked price by a small amount and we were both happy. No ARs on the wall, however. He did have two lowers, one of which was complete. Both NIB, I assume.

    One area where this new LGS really caught my attention was their FFL Transfer Fee. They had it boldly advertised on the front door at $15, undercutting their closest competitor in Huber Heights, which comes in at $20 (where most are charging $30-$40). If I were willing to drive about 30-35 min. away, I could get a $10 transfer fee but Molon Labe is, literally, 7 min. and under 3 miles from my driveway. I drive farther drop my son of at school every day.

    The owner was friendly and the environment was nice. If he can survive the tribulations of the first couple of years of "startup hell," I expect his inventory to grow and for it to become a fixture in the community.

    Peace favor your sword,
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  2. Always nice to have a new LGS. Each one always seems to have a different area of expertise.