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    I'm new to this forum and this may seem like a stupid question but what does MOM stand for?

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  2. SWAGA

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    You're gonna get two answers:

    1.) MOM = Manufacturer Or Maker

    2.) The wife of the owner of HP, Mrs Deeb(?) used to answer the phone herself and made sure your parts where send out or you warranty work done. Hence 'Mom took care of things '

  3. rbarna94

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    That would be cool if she still did answer the phone, I never knew that she did.
  4. +1...she's like Santa Claus.:D
  5. ieattacos

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    Thanks for that Im a noob to site also
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    Damn, I just noted your user name and love it. One rule when you post a survey is you must have one of the choices as "Taco"