Giving the old 995 Carbine a bath in sand, sinking it in the ocean, filling it with whipped cream or dragging it behind a truck has become a popular American pastime. One day it will likely replace a failing show on network television and become the break through hit of the summer. Heck, it looks like the company itself is even getting in on the act.

Why torture videos?

It seems that the only thing Hi-Point carbine owners like more than shooting or modding their rifles is to subject them to abuse. Of course, this is all done in the name of science. To find out the weapon\'s failure points is to see how much you can trust it. Well we must trust it a lot because these guns are the subject of a whole lotta torture.

In fact, when you Google \"hi point torture test\" you get more than 212,000 results. Heck all we got in was the words \"hi point\" and the search engine automatically suggested the rest of the search be \'torture test\' as the first option.

We aren\'t kidding.

The good thing about this is that MKS Supply, the company that owns Hi-Point, stands behind their product. In fact, right here on the forums the expression:

Nobody loves you like Mom

Is code for \'send it back to Ohio\'. There, your beat up, third hand Hi-Point 995, 4095, 4595, pistol or whatever will be fixed and sent back, no questions asked. Perhaps in the interest of keeping us from torturing so many of our own guns, Mom is now cutting out the middleman and doing it on their own. They have released two videos in the past two months showing testing against...


And Gravel

According to MKS, \"The plan with this series of videos and tests is to be an ongoing project that will take us through the year\'s seasons and to find different situations to test the reliability and durability of the Hi-Point series of firearms. Each new video segment will feature some real life conditions the user may find themselves and their firearm in. Weather the firearm is falling off a moving vehicle, or dropping on a hard surface or being submerged in water.\"

So do you think you have something that you would like to see Mom do to one of their guns? Well give them a shout-out on their facebook page and let them know what you want.

MKS! Give the people what they want!