Monarch Blue Box (Brass?)

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  1. I was just at the range tonight. I should 200 rounds of Monarch 9mm. My C9 didn't like it too much. She gagged on a lot of them. In addition, almost every round key-holed (went through target sideways). I might have a target still that I can scan to prove it. It was a great price, 4-50 rnd boxes for $27 and some change. However, the key-holing slugs worried me that I might damage my C9. The gun range guy said they wouldn't hurt it, but I don't know. Anyone have experience? If it won't hurt my baby might go ahead and keep buying them for plinking.
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    Possibilities: lack of rifling, uneven plating on projectile, barrel's crown messed up, could be that monarch's underpowered, projectile be slightly smaller than spec (in the .000's ), projectile too hard (won't "fill" the lands and grooves)... I don't know how you can tell exactly what's causing it... but good luck.

    Or you can use this to eliminate the rifling possibility:
    C = 150 (use 180 for muzzle velocities higher than 2,800 f/s)
    D = bullet's diameter in inches
    L = bullet's length in inches
    SG = bullet's specific gravity (10.9 for lead-core bullets, which cancels out the second half of the equation)

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    I tried the Monarch blue box (from Academy ~ $6.75/box of 50). Not impressed.

    My 995 had several feed issues with the Monarch (? number, I think some were attributable to another issue - see my post re Uplula).

    I can't stand the smell of Monarch in an indoor range.

    My Glock 19 shoots everything else well. It will feed the Monarch but accuracy is noticeably less.

    I bought 5 boxes Monarch. Shot one box and returned the other 4 for another 250 box of the Remington (I have used this before with no problems). Gonna pick up some WWB on my next visit to Wal-Mart.
  4. i was just thinking about trying out the monarchs from academy because of the price but after reading several negatives about them i think ill just stick to the wwb from wal-mart.
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    I have used the Monarchs (blue box), and haven't had any of the aforementioned problems. I have pumped 500+ rounds through my C9, and they feed perfect, shoot perfect, they're accurate, and they smell great (LoL)... They are not Fiocchu or Federal quality, but at $6.50 a box, they're worth a trial if you can find'em. :D