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So i am always seeing great ideas on here for money saving reloading/casting ideas. I thought it might be nice to have them all in one area. So please add to the list.
First one i use the most is add a dryer sheet to your tumbler. I use the cheapest ones i can get and rip em into 4 pieces. This really helps to prolong the life of your media.

second Buy your media at bet stores much much cheaper. Pet co sells both crushed walnut and corn cob for around $9.00 for a 12-15lb bag.

third Use nu-finish car polish in the orange bottle as a media additive. Saves money and works (IMO) twice as good as anything else i have tried.

Fourth. If you want a lead thermometer buy it at Wal-mart in the grilling section. You can get a turkey deep fryer one for around $15.00 beats the heck outta $35-70

These are the big ones that are popping out in my mind right now. I am sure i will think of more later.
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