Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas on Fire

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    Headline News right now 3 Alarm fire on the roof and is burning down.
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    :lol: That's Great!!! I used to work there and hated that place... it was a poopie hotel anyway.. the rooms sucked, the walls were too thin, it had no appeal or attraction, just a normal hotel..With that said.. I hope no one is injured with the fire.. I'll say it was an inside job at the MGM/Mirage group.. look they are building this multi-billion dollar city center next door and you have this old early 90's casino, not really doing it next door.. so set fire to your own property and collect the insurance money and build a better one to takes it's place.. just my Opinion....

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    Good thing I actually read fox's post.

    Cause I was gonna say insurance scam myself for obove mentioned reasons.
  4. I actually saw the smoke from the fire from Nellis AFB on my way to work this morning. It looked pretty cool. :D
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    The only thing I liked at that Casino was the Brewery and Lance Burton's Magic show. I disliked that they stopped the tram between the Bellagio and Monte Carlo. My new favorite is the Wynn.
  6. My wife loves to go to the casino's, I dislike spending money unless its on my shooting hobby or bills. Wife and Mom-In-Law took a 4day 3night Vegas trip back in Aug/Sept and they had a blast. Think they were booked in Circus Circus but they spent most of the time walking the strip and visiting all the large casino's. They also flew to Co and took a helo tour/picnic of the Grand Canyon on their 2nd day in Vegas, again they had a blast and a good mother/daughter get away.

    After my back gets better I will be heading to Alaska for a week or so just to get away and relax, and to visit with my son who is stationed there in the Army.

    As far as the one that burnt, hope no one was injured.
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    They think the welders working on the "City Center" next door accidently started the fire. The displays around the outside top of the building are actually a foam substance covered with a thin layer of cement. That is what caught fire.