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  1. Ok so here it goes
    my company has decided that we may have 1 longgun in the trunk of our vehicles while working (for those of you that dont know i work in Executive protection) so i am stuck with what new Offical work only weapon (yeah right) I should purchase. I have been known to have my AR in there before but i dont like keeping it in my trunk. So i am debating between a tacti-cool 12 guage or a 4095. I want both but wichever one i purchase i can write off on my taxes for work. :D I am thinking the 12 guage cause it is a bit more expeensive. also you just cant beat the knock down of 000buck and i think it would look cool as hell to have it in my trunk. :shock: I was thinking bout making a locking case in my trunk for it. well whats your guys sugestions. I am planning on making the purchase at the gun show this weekend. I needed a ecuse to go and now i got it.................the only question remaining is will it take me both days to make my selection..................... :wink:
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    Executive Protection requires precision fire should a fire fight occur as you are held to a greater standard of liability for your actions. A 12 gauge might work in the short range of indoor asset protection but on the street your adversary will be armed to the teeth, may deploy body armor and stun devices if they really want the person your protecting bad enough. Ambushes happen quick and dirty and unless the rifle or shotgun is sitting on your lap then you won't have time to retrieve it. I would vote for a 11" to 14"inch short barreled select fire 5.56 with a Aimpoint installed. Low penetration ammunition like the Federal Urban line and class three plate armor for high risk escort.

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    you could bring HP slugs for your 12 gauge and then body armour would not matter at all.

  4. This is why i love this place i never would have thought about that good call g-man another thought i had was w F&N fiveseven what do you all think?
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    Can't help with weapon selection, way beyond my level of expertise. Thought this trunk mount was cool and might be what you're looking for.

  6. :shock: :D :lol: wow did you make that? it is really neat. the onlything i dont like is that it would disply it for lack of a better term. I dont want too draw attention but man it does look cool though
  7. How often are you going to be accessing your trunk during a detail?
  8. depends on the detail changes from one day to the next. a lot of it is servalence though so i just sit in the car and conduct rounds. so i could get it and just set in the back seat when i arrive on location.
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    A SBR PS90 may be a reailstic option. Manueverable, light, and accurate with large mag capacity and definant shock value to a suspect.

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    No, I didn't make the trunk mount, just found the pic on the net.
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    If you are serious about your job, and you have the credentials and training to be in Executive Protection as a career, I find it a little disturbing that
    1. you haven't already worked this out on your own
    2. "looks cool" has ANYTHING to do with your decision.

    Most EP companies (All of them that I know of) have enough experience, and attorneys that they have short lists of approved weapons. They also usually contract out to a preferred FFL where that can get specialized weapons direct from distributors.

    You shouldn't give a damn what others think. You should know that looks mean absolutely nothing. You should have a solid enough background that weapons choices are second nature.
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    Springfield socom16 :wink:


  13. OK first off i guess i didnt clerify my post properly. It seems to me like you believe i work in the secret service or somthing. I did state that from time to time i do have a AR in MY TRUNK We do have AR's That are issued from the company while in company vehicles. This is purely just a weapon that will be in My trunk in case it is ever needed. We also do servalince jobs as well as E.P. As for the "Looks Cool" comment I was refering to the trunk mount posted by another member of this forum no were did i state that i needed one because it "looks cool" i just liked the pic. Also i stated that I didnt want to draw attention to myself thus eleminating any possibility of haveing a mount like that. OK Now on to the credentials part. If you have read any other posts of mine (feel free to run a search) you will get an idea of my "credentials" I have more then alot of folks claim. No i dont have a masters degree but i dont need one. I have this funny little thing called real world exeriance. I got all in these places called Iraq, Sudan, South Korea, You ever been there? Anyways i was posting this because i was wondering if anyone else out there had a opinion that might help. as far as a list of weapons, as long as it shoots and isnt fully automatic we can have it. I was really looking for input from LEO's as to what they see most of the time. I got the information i wanted, I am going with something like what G-man posted. I thank you all for your input. Also would a mod or admin please lock this post as i dont want this to escalate any further, or for any feelings to get hurt. Thanks again --Bob 8)
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    I wasn't trying to instigate anything. Just wanted to clear the air of any outside factors such as 'looks'. Some of us, you included, have to take our jobs seriously. In your first post in this thread you mentioned "looks cool as hell"- I merely wanted to separate the seriousness of weapons choices for work vs. playtime.

    Back on topic:
    the Socom 16 +1; and on that note don't forget the old reliable Ruger Mini-14 which has been a trunk rifle for many LEO and Security details.
    Let us know what you picked.