Moral's suck sometimes

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  1. Told a girl I'd sell her my MN 91/30 for $100... she tried to give me $150 but I told her no, just $100. Would have felt bad charging her twice what retail is... I don't think I'd do to well in a gunshop, I'd constantly be sending my customers to other places that sold it cheaper lol.
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    If you can go to sleep with a clear conscience, you've got the right morals. Yes, they pull a 10 pound vacuum on an onion sack some times but they really do get you a great nights sleep.

    As my brother says, "It's called doin' the right thing." :shock: :shock: :shock:

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    Hopefully she will shoot with you :D
  4. I'm teaching her how :). And I'm not feeling guilty over her paying for ammo ^_^. Doing the right thing paid off :-D.

  5. Lol, I bet.
  6. it does most of the time.

    Ya done well.
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    Look at it this way:

    When someone buys a gun and finds out they got ripped by nearly 200%, the fun eeks out of the gun a bit more. There's no real definition to it, but it bums you out. Makes one feel like an idiot, even when all the info was there during the purchase to make a good buy.

    But, when you get a gun for a good deal, you feel empowered. You feel like you made the right purchase and it was the right sport to get into. Applies to everything from a car to a pair of skis.

    Morals may suck sometimes, but instead of helping your pocketbook to the maximum amount, you helped someone else get into the sport with cash to buy some ammo, thus empowering that person. Would it make you a better dealer? Probably not.... But then again, I'd rather be a better person than a better dealer.

    Besides, you got a decent return on the gun, and better not to let greed get into you.

    You did the right thing, and she BETTER get pics of her shooting that thing!
  8. I always try to treat people the way I want to be treated. You did the right thing, it will pay off somewhere down the road.
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    I agree.