More $300 AKs on the way

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  1. In case you missed getting one or more of these, it looks like Centerfire Systems is going to be getting more. One should be able to have one up and running for $325-$350 if you need to buy the receiver. They are US made, all new parts, 7.62x39 and include the barrel. As you can see that no press is needed for the barrel.


    Nothing like building a gun in the comfort of one's own home and support Made in the USA.
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    AK receiver seems to run around $100 unless I'm looking in the wrong places.

  3. Get an 80% for $13-35. Or if your as frugal as most of us here, spend $1.50 for a 1mm piece of sheet metal and download a printable template.

    IMO, get $13 flat with the holes in it. Then get the $1.50 piece of sheet metal. Use the flat as a template. Here is a sample of what one place has available.

    There are cheaper sources. SGN had a 2 piece article on making an AK receiver. They also had it in their annual edition.
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    I wish i had the extra cash

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    I wish I had a workshop.....
  6. I have to stop spending time in this forum, it's getting to damn expensive. A few weeks ago I was reading a thread on AR15 builds, did some reading and web surfing as a result and decided to build an AR. Figure I'll save my $$$ till the gun show at the Farm show complex in September, try to pick up some good deals there and then order offline the parts I still need.

    Now I read this post, start doing some reading and web surfing and you clowns have me wanting to buy a kit and 80% receiver and build an AK.

    Give me a break, you guys have my firearms wish list in a shambles, a Mosin Nagant, AK-47, AR-15, SKS, where will it end?
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    Never, can never have to many guns...

  8. Look again, that trunnion has no rivet holes drilled in it, also the bbl will need pulled and replaced to rivet it in anyway.

    Making a receiver from a flat is easy, if you have the tools. This means a bending jig, and a spotwelder to install the lower rails. A pre-bent blank removes the need for a bending jig, but ya still need the welder and there is a lot more chance for error as most of the holes/openings need cut in. Rolling your own receiver only makes sense if ya plan on doing enough that the few hundred in tooling can be spread out over several receivers, versus just paying the going rate for a couple ready to go receivers from several sources.
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  10. True, but:

    1) I have the tools, not the bending jig but drill press, vice, taps & dies, ect...
    2) I like tinkering, building and figuring things out.
    3) I like the idea of building an AK, or any gun for that matter, that isn't registered with the government.
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    This is "THE WORST" forum for firearms wish-list!
    The folks on this forum are cheap skates, just like myself. And they make it look & sound so easy to obtain these great weapons for next to nothing? I have fallen for this trap many-many times & probably will again?
  12. fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

    How many times have you been fooled now Mel?

    you are right though. people make all these seem so cheap or easy to get. then you factor in the cost for tools and you only want 1-2 of the guns? dosn't work unless you already have the tools.
    I have come to grips that the days of $90 mosins, $150 SKS, and $300 AK's are long gone without some real ingenuity.
    Now we can just hope company's keep spewing out $600 AR's as that seems to be the best bang for the buck in the small rifle category these days.
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    NO, I didn't mean it in bad way. I see guys pick up some older HP's & other guns for a dime & I want to find the same deals. I won't build my own guns. I might do some limited tinkering but that is about it. There is a reason that gunsmiths are in a limited supply?
    PS: I'm not a plumber either!
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    A buddy of mine acquired an AR in 7.62x39. He likes it so much that he's going to be getting rid of his .308 chambered AR. Only problem he had with the 7.62 was getting reliable mags in capacities of over 10 rounds. But he's a bit of a tinkerer and has worked out a solution. He's been working with a mag manufacturer to get them brought to market. Should be hitting the e-shelves any day now.

    The way he's been talking it up makes me wanna start saving my pennies for one.

    Peace favor your sword,
  15. I would love a x39 AR. actually if i saw one for decent sub $700 price i probably would have taken money out of the bank for one.

    Im hoping it gets more popular.
  16. I know, i was just picking on you.
  17. Maybe I'm just pissing in the wind but I think prices will start coming down once Mr. 'I don't give a damn about the Constitution' and his gang of crony communist are out of office. Unless of course the sheepole are dumb enough to elect Hillary.

    I don't know if prices will drop back to where they were before the Messiah was elected but I do think they'll drop once he's out of office.
  18. Just found an SKS in a Tapco stock for $200. Guy says it jams every 20-30 rounds, thinks it might need a new gas block but for that price I'll take a chance. He just listed it so I fired off an e-mail, keep your fingers crossed.
  19. He just got back to me, has a guy coming to check it out Friday. Damn it!
  20. Its tought to get a good deal these days. if it wasnt jamming every now and then he probably would have wanted $400 for it.

    But hang in there people back out of buying guns ALL THE TIME. the guy could have easily emailed him while at work. later he gets home and tells wifey, and she wont have it. so be sure to follow up with the guy.