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  1. Okay, so I thought U.S. commercials were bad. I now accept them as beacons of hope upon seeing some British commercials. Most are quite subtle; so subtle, I have actually seen ones that seem to sell you absolutely nothing (at least one Aldi commercial has not featured the Aldi logo or mention of Aldi anywhere in it).
    But I just saw one for KFC (yup, same KFC we're all familiar with) that I hate. It features a boy named Charlie who is, in short, a selfish pr!*kmonster. He hogs all the snow while making a snowman, he hogs the armrests at the theater, he goes through and marks all the Christmas gifts for himself (crosses off names and puts his own), and doesn't bother decorating the tree with his sister.
    And his Mom and Dad? "Oh, that little scamp."
    And then they go to KFC, and he's got a whole bucket to himself, then decides to share, and his parents are all proud and happy.

    I wanted to do nothing but grab both those parents and smash their skulls together repeatedly.
    I don't know about you guys, but my Dad? Yeah, if I had done ANYTHING like that, my ass would be redder than Rudolph's nose. Once, I complained about a gift I got for Christmas. ONCE.
    I dunno, I know it's just a commercial, but dear God, air one with some responsible parents for once; I'm sure KFC totally wants to be associated with unthankful brats and parents that undoubtedly don't give a rat's a$$ who they're raising.

    But that's just me.
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    You are now officially old!...... Welcome to the club of "get off my lawn, you little bastards!"

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    Hey... I resemble that remark! :p
  4. No his baby hasn't been born yet. So when he's not at work he has nothing better to do than watch commercials (no dvr?) And ***** a out everything.
  5. DVR? It took us three years to approve a Blu-Ray player even passing through the doors of the compound. Otherwise, when it's working, we can generally get ten channels from AFN, all of which are...just awful. :p
  6. Wait. You pay a tv tax? And still only get ten channels? Tell me more about that liberal utopia please
  7. Sorry, I missed the "not" in the "not at work" sentence.
    At work that's what we got to work with.

    At home I got cable with Freeview; so a couple hundred channels.
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    They just don't give a crap anymore. Buzz is buzz, there's no such thing as bad publicity, and parents are always, always, clueless, ignorant, and perfectly suited to be the butt of any and all jokes.

    Politics works the same way, it's all just advertising, there's no real message.
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    I'm glad my weather channel doesn't have commercial. :D
  10. Meh.

    It's just a commercial. I give the notion that MOST folks raise their kids like that snot the same credence i give to ANY weight-loss supplement commercial.
  11. That's right. You only notice and complain about the exceptionally bad or good.

    So the old 80/20 rule comes into play with parenting. 20% give the other 80% an undeserved reputation.

    Don't worry flyboy. I'm sure you will be the perfect parent in a few years
  12. I'll be spending the majority of the time attempting to regulate sleep; anything that doesn't involve him losing copious amounts of bodily fluids will count as a win as far as I'm concerned.
  13. Yeah you have a few years before the parenting is actually hard.

    The first few is only keep it alive and safe.

    It's when they start trying to make their own decisions and opions that it gets complicated.

    My son cried himself to sleep last night because he shot the cat with a nerf gun. His punishment after timeout was no story before bed.

    Talk about a rough punishment.
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    Don't forget a few years of...... "Don't stick that (foreign object) in your (random orifice)!"..... Ah...... The good old dAys!
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    Why, did he MISS??? ;)

    My son got a green pencil eraser stuck in his ear, who knows how long it was in there. He was picking at it and his sister looked and said "There's something green in there!" so on ans so forth, minor surgery (no incision, but they put him under) Lesson Learned :D
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    I have never heard the term"pr!*kmonster" and I love it - I am always looking for ways to make my language more colorful and this one will surely be added! It's like a little present to me from you! This is what happens when a child misbehaves in our house (just kidding mother in law is a social worker:( )

    Sometimes we just hope that Krampus does the punishment for us (the joys of being raised in a Norwegian/German home).

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    In Germany, Santa (who comes on December 6) has a helper. Schwarze Peter, he's like an elf, but he smacks bad kids with switches, pulls girls hair, and torments the bad kids.

    In Austria, he's called Krampus.

    Only in America do bad kids just get "nothing":rolleyes:

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    Krampus is coming! :eek:


    "...and you thought Michael Jackson was scary!!!"
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    I hope he's not after ADULTS! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: