More gun snobbery but truth prevails.

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    to the guy in the forum who said that when he rapid fired and it jammed...
    "stop limp wristing it like a sissy."

  3. It seems that discussions on gun forums about Hi-points often get remarks like you'd get from high school boys talking about cars. The classic Ford and Chevy debate, maybe throw in Toyota too. Chevy's are a POS! Have you ever owned one? No but I know they are crap. And some Chevy advocate will say the same about Ford, though he has never owned one.

    I own a 2 Toyotas BTW, and a friend of mine who used to work at a Toyota dealership, was the one to enlighten me about their reliability. He went there to a Ford dealership, more job security he said. At Toyota he felt like the Maytag repairman sometimes he said. BTW my Toyota truck was made in Indiana. Some Ford trucks are made in Canada, which is the American made truck?
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    Any time someone says something bad about any gun I usually tell them something to the effect of "I guess you have never owned one or spent quality time with one.."
  5. funny cause the c9s are the only guns i have ever owned. never jammed straight out of the box and i would trust them to go bang every time i pull the trigger.
  6. +1...and that goes for the other(s) claiming they jam "all the time". I've never had a problem with either my C9 or .40JCP after I realized I limpwristed part of the first magazine. Just like anything mechanical, though, there will be a lemon or two from time to time...tooling wears out, bad batch of some parts, etc...that's what a WARRANTY is for...

    just makes you want to /b!tchslap those jerktards.
  7. I read something interesting in an article in the April issue of Concealed Carry Magazine. It was written by R.K. Campbell titled Valuable Wisdom From a 20 year Peac Officer. He is an auther of 3 books and over 600 articles, columns and reviews. He says " I have enjoyed range sessions with men and women of varying ability. You do not have to be well healed to be well armed. Being well armed is a product of proficiency not the price of the handgun. During a recent class I found that shooters of dodest means did not have to be modest concerning their ability. Most of my students had chosen their firearm based on theri likes and perceptions. I discovered that Highpoint (his spelling) pistols will outshoot the Smith and Wesson SIGMA every time. The inexpensive FEG 9X18 has a better feeling grip than the Walther PPK. A couple of students had Glocks, but the Ruger 9mm student present had practiced with his handgun.

    While we all have our preferences, the person behind the pistol is the real weapon."
  8. I really hate people that give advice on hardware they have never used or even held. I don't own ford's not because someone told me they're over priced junk but because I owned 2 and they both left me walking and my chevys never have. Oh yea I buy American. I own 4 Hi-points and a few other guns and the Hi-points are the best shooters and IMO the best guns I own. My wife even sleeps with my 45 ACP under the mattress.
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    Let them think what they will, we as a group KNOW and that is what matters I for one proclaim HP ownership with pride and a sense of money well spent-I have owned some of the most expensive and some of the cheapest firearm made and I carry my c9 and have a choice of others to choose from. as a disabled medic ,having seen my fair shar of gun shot wounds and knowing the out come I feel perfectly safe carrying my C9
    yes it is heavy but I have put alot of ammo thru it without fail after break in- I have seen what is at stake and I will put my trust in my c9 without any secound thought. I own twenty fire arms at current time, three HP and the HP are the cheapest firearms of the lot. but also the most trusted right along with a couple of revolvers that never fail. I carry the C9 most heavy yes ugly- to some not me, it fits my large arthritic hands well, it shot bullseyes straight from the box and it goes bang EVERY time. I plan on buying more firearms as I said I only have three HPs-that not near enuff HPS
  10. Over on we're having quite the debate over HP's being junk. Some douchecanoe is spouting collegeboy metallurgy facts, and we just keep beating him down...heh....I like bashing haters...
  11. i'm tire of defending Hi Point. i know they are good guns, everyone on this forum know they are good guns. i'll just leave it like that.
  12. They sure sound like trolls to me. Joined the forum for the sole purpose of bashing HP and haven't even bothered to post anywhere else. I love the OC forum, but they let the trolls run wild over there for no good reason, IMO.
  13. Douche canoe is now my new word for the week...
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    I'm still new to the world of HP and I'm already sick of the HP bashing. I get it from work and see it on these OTHER forums.

    I have to make a comment about one of those guys. He said he left a 200K job in California to move to Texas (my state). Thing is he only had a u-haul and 1200 bucks. What did he do with all his money? Probably spent it all on expensive over-rated guns.

    I carried a S&W 5906, on-duty for about 8 years. I kept it clean and lubed, then one day during qaulifications the decocking lever fell off. Things break, it is an imperfect world.

    I owned a Mossberg Shotgun I carried on-duty and found that after carrying the thing around in my cruiser for a year I went to qualifications and it did not go bang. Took it a gunsmith who couldn't find anything wrong. Went back to the range and it went bang about every 2 or 3 shots. So, even the big names have bad guns. Nothing is 100% like one of those guys said. That is why officers carry different weapons and back-up weapons.

    My 4095 has been flawless. My 995's firing pin bent, but that was my fault for loading it with the bolt locked back.

    HP's RULE! They can all kiss my...... :mrgreen:
  15. I am really suprised to see how many people don't know how to properly shoot a firearm. Alot of the times you will have the self proclaimed experts making the dumbest mistakes. I guess it is just easier to blame a hipoint for the chunk of flesh the slide took off!!! I can't help but wonder if gun snobs have less failure rate because they buy their guns to look at, not shoot. I have a couple of pistols from diffrent makers and still love my hipoint because it isn't affraid to have the crap kicked out of it!! It just screams, "BRING IT"!!! My hipoint JCP 40 also handles recoil better than my Beretta px4 that I had.
  16. sounds kinda like illiterate computer users blaming the 'damn' computer for not working. In my CCW class there was a guy with a brand new Ruger that jammed an average of every three rounds. The instructor actually told the guy that he needed to buy a more expensive gun. My C9 and my Dad's shot almost flawlessly.
  17. In that class, I had 1 FTF. I was testing the instructor's suggestion of holding the gun at a 45* angle so the sight aligned with my left eye (my contacts make me cross-eye dominant). Holding the gun this way just promotes a limp-wrist. Went back to my usual form and [surprise!] no jams!!
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    We have a gun shop here that won't carry HP firearms. Why, they don't cost enough and for some reason they end up in St Louis in some Gang banger fight. huh? That's his reasoning. So when I brought up the point that perhaps a low cost gun would be a benifit to those that just don't have $450+++ to spend on defense gun, and the HP would be great. He just gave me the owl eye look. 8^/ I don't go in his store anymore. I'm going in to spend my money, not get a lesson is some wierd ethics.

    I had jamming problems too. So I quite using the WWB ammo and my jamming problems went away. So far in both my C9 & 885 the Remington ammo is the most reliable and accurate.
    BTW my little Barreta 21a is REAL fussy about ammo. I have found only one brand of cart. that works every time. Remmington solid points. I have only one jam in about six to seven mags of that. Everything else at least one problem on every other mag.

    Oh my C9 probably has about 2500 rounds through it now. Guess I should clean it eh?

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    There is snobbery in all forms of life. The one I run into quite often (cause I commute daily on my m/c) is Honda vs Harley. I get a lot of "ought to get a real bike" kinda comments. Hmm, I know my Honda will go vroom each time I hit the starter, is stone cold reliable, and I didnt have to 2nd mortage the farm to buy it. See some similarities here? My new sig line on my m/c forums is " Bike are like ice cream, we all have our favorites, but they're all sweet. " Seems like it would apply here as well. :wink:
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    Did the Honda / HD thing for years. My way to to tell them I was riding an American Made motorcycle. And he wasn't. That pissed off the HD guy something crazy. So we started compairng parts. 98% of the Honda Goldwing is built in the USA, about 30% of the HD. He called the GW a bit of Jap Crap, and he had Yokohoma tires on his HD. <sigh>

    Harly Davidson, an American Motorcycle made of Chinese parts assembled by Mexicans. I've delivered to the HD plant and see how the line run.

    Sorry to get a bit off topic...