More Hi-Point self defense stories?

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    There was the woman in Detroit who recently used a carbine for home defense. Got any other true stories of Hi-Points protecting life and limb?
  2. Unfortunately stats are not usually kept on the brand of firearm, mostly the type, and caliber. There has been use of SNS though in small calibers so probably a few Ravens and that type.

    It used to be most defensive shootings were with revolvers at one time, at least most I saw. Right now the most popular handgun is the Glock, so I would imagine these days it is Glocks or guns like Keltec and LCP. Considering that 380 seems to be the most used caliber that pocket guns lead the pack. Hi point is not a pocket gun.

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    Hi points aren't pocket pistols but are way more fun to shot at the range then. A compact.
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    Alarm on my observatory went off, i went out the front door with the C9 and snuck up on the guy. Got about 20 feet from him and racked the slide. He pissed his pants, laid face first on the ground and started crying and blubbering don't shoot me. 18 year old kid that was living in the section 8 housing(hud apartments, a blight on this town). They sent him out here from Minneapolis because the rent is a lot cheaper. When the sheriff picked him up and ran his name turned out he had 4 felonies pending, he missed court on all 4, he lied on his welfare application... I don't need to mention his race...

    So yes i have used mine, the slide is rather loud and as effective as racking a shotgun at close range. Hope I never have to make that decision to kill someone but if I have to I will. I have zero tolerance for druggies stealing anything not nailed down just to feed their habit.
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    Good one Mary! The best firearm used is one that doesn't need to be fired.