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    From Gun Toters:

    I found this a bit surprising: "I had placed a call to Hi-Point to ask a question about bent firing pins. Surprisingly, I was able to talk to one of the technicians about the firing pin issue and he stated that he has seen a few bent firing pins and clued me into the cause. Bent firing pins are caused by the operator. That seemed to me, at first, to be a point of placing the blame on the operator and not on Hi-Point. However, he went on to explain the cause of the problem. Hi-Point recommends that the Operating handle be pulled to the rear and locked into place prior to inserting a loaded magazine (for the first time). The bent firing pin is due to the operator not fully pulling the Operating Handle fully to the rear (to the stop) before releasing the handle to chamber a round. In shooter’s terms we have come to know this as “Short Stroking” as related to pump-action shotguns."

    I don't see that in my manual, although I did take a quick look.