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    $485 for a barrel shroud made to look like a silencer?????????? thats $485 for a 1 1/2 inch piece of aluminum tube with the end threaded. thats $485 for a piece of aluminum you can buy for less than twenty bucks, have drilled thru for less than twenty more and threaded for an additional six to eight bucks.

    i swear you must google ''find the most expensive crap to slap on a rifle'', because some of the things you post, just truly make no sense. cool looking or not, this is just a completely insane amount to pay for nothing.


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    Not concerned or wanting a silencer if you look at the link I posted it is the defcon 1 muzzle brake which is $195 which is about average price for good quality muzzle brake hell my Witt Machine brake is $100

    Seems to me everyone here buys optics and other gun parts from Wallyworld
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    my point is, what makes a muzzle brake worth $195 dollars? its a twenty dollar hunk of metal that honestly, most people could make themselves in two hours with the right tools. hence why most of us dont pay that price. there is absolutely NOTHING that brake can offer you, over a brake device that costs 1/3 the price other than you get to say ''its a grizzly''. its the same tube of metal that Tapco, or TPM or any of the other muzzle brake manufacturers use, its just not a ''custom''. not knocking you, i mean, buy what you want, but, you do seem to have an odd notion that just because it costs more, its somehow better. thats not usually the case on alot of things. especially something like this, you're adding 150 bucks for the name (and ive never heard of the name before), because its a ''custom made'' piece. big deal. theres' nothing it can offer you that a much cheaper piece cant. optics, yes, can expect or i will say SHOULD expect higher quality with a higher priced unit (although i do have wallie world TRUGLO scopes that have outlasted scopes ive paid several hundred dollars for).....some things, more cost can mean better. a muzzle brake? nope, sorry, not a damn thing a 195 dollar one can do, that a 49 dollar one wont do just as well.

    the link i posted was just to push the envelope even more, into the realms of just how ridiculous his prices truly are.

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    I belong to few long range rifle forums and brakes like these or even fat bastard brakes are sought after because of low dust signatures and reduced recoil plus a quieter muzzle blast heard from down range . A lot of R&D is spent on these brakes to get the best performance out of them

    Did you see the videos on the grizzly brakes , he's using a .338 lapis magnum and absolutely no recoil and zero muzzle rise . He compares his .338 lapua magnum feels like it is a .223 . Plus a good muzzle brake will allow quicker follow up shots as the crosshairs on your scope barely move

    My Witt Machine brake after getting it timed and when shooting my .308 using 180 grain bullets it feels like the recoil from my 995ts
  6. USMC_VET, this is a forum dedicated to $150 pistols and $300 rifles, ya expect them to put a $1200 scope on a 995TS? ;)

    Same goes for AK fans, one of the main draws is the relatively cheap expense of buying/building one, and cheap imported ammo. The first AK I built was a $70 Tapco AMD65 kit on a $12 tapco flat, built as a pistol sans stock. I had about 100 bucks even in that build with shipping! At one time, a 1000 rd case of Wolf AK ammo was $80 delivered, and that was as recently as 2007 or so. My last build was an AK74 on a $140 kit that had been a brand new Bulgarian rifle they cut up and an Ak builder flat. Total cost with 922(r) parts was probably around $225 or so. Surplus 5.45X39 1080 rd tins were about 11 cents a round, currently hovering around 19-22 cents a round while it is still available. (banned as AP recently) When I finally get around to putting a red dot on it, it will likely NOT be a genu-wine Elcan or Aimpoint Pro!

    OTOH, if the AR10 I want ever gets built, it will likely have good glass attached.
  7. My brother had a Remington 700. Beast of a rifle. I fired it twice and said no more. Then he had a huge muzzle break welded on. HUGE difference. That alone made it go from kicking like a mule of steroids to like a 10/22. I could shoot forever after that.

    He paid $250 for the break and welding.
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    I had a rem 700 in 7 mag... She had a pretty stout kick. If I used a full box of shells, my shoulder was sore the next day.
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    I was having a killer fantasy about putting a Defcon1 on the end of the Mosin-Nagant I'm wanting to put into an Archangel Stock. Then I looked at the price. Yikes.
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    Like mentioned previously my savage .308 kicked likes pissed off mule with the 180 grain bullets . Once I installed the Witt Machine brake it felt like a 995ts absolutely no recoil and no muzzle rise whatsover . Funny thing is the redirected muzzle blast it will clear ea side of the table at the range pissing off the shooters ea side of you

    I was blowing over water bottles and moving ammo boxes
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    I'm gonna see how my new ruger American compact does... I may end up getting the barrel threaded for a muzzle brake.
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    Last time at the range a guy next to me unpacked and started shooting a Remington rifle in .300 Winmag with a good muzzle brake on it.
    Every time he shot the concussion wave just hit you and made your pants legs flutter in the breeze but he barely had any muzzle rise and recoil didn't seem to bother him.
    A good one really does work.
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    I will say a good brake does wonders on a high powered rifle. I don't know if I would pay that much for a brake, but I can appreciate the science behind them. I tend to go for the middle of the road products because you tend to get a better balance between price and quality instead of leaning to one extreme of the other. I'm also not looking for competition quality set ups on any of my rifles either. The guy who sold me my 10/22 used to shoot long-range competition years ago and he used to tell me that long range rifle comp. shooting is 80% skill and technique, 10% mental preparation, and 10% how much you're willing to pay to strap sh*t to your rifle.
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    with a good quality Muzzle brake your groupings will be alot tighter but you will also have to readjust your zero setting because after the brake is installed you're going to be a little low . Before my brake blew off i was seeing under 1" groupings at 100 yards and the cross hairs barely moved off target between follow up shots

    i would go to a screw on brake but the cheapest quote from a Gunsmith here is in the $200 plus range just to thread the barrel then another $75 to time the brake
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    You could probably buy a threaded barrel for that price.;)
    Savage is supposed to easy to swap out?

    Heck, for $350, you can buy a whole rifle with the threaded barrel.:D
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    now that would be cool ,never thought of that but even swapping a barrel out i would still need a gunsmith to check and adjust head space though !!!
  17. There is no way in hell I would ever spend that much for a device to tame the already almost non-existent recoil of an AR 15.

    "A fool and his money are soon parted."
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    I was looking at some reviews for my new ruger American, and I saw something that gave me an idea.. I'm sure your axis is the same, but the American has a cavity in the stock with a styrofoam block filler. One guy filled it with plumbers putty for a little more weight.. I'm pondering buying a 16 oz. mercury recoil reducer, (one is available for 42$) and jb welding it to the top inside of the stock. I'd say that would dramatically knock down recoil. What do you think?
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    Yeah...well if you were a real operator, you'd want one. On patrol through the food court, multiple assailants...time spent re-acquiring sights is time for evil doers to wreak havoc, they could destroy the Orange Julius AND the Wok Express while you were aiming at your second target.:eek:

    Back on point, the Savage Hog Hunter seems to come threaded, in at least one package. Of course, that will run $450 or so. But compared to a $300 Axis, plus threading or new barrel, it's a deal.

    And the hog hunter is an Accutrigger unit, as it is the model 11/111 rifle instead of just the Axis.
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    You could just strap on a pound of stuff like lights, lasers, and a really big heavy scope.:p

    Weight helps, but even a 10 lb rifle kicks hard in big calibers, to some people. The brake is actually a great way to get recoil reduction and better target re-acquisition without adding a ton of weight.