Mosin 91/30 scope mount

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    I have a couple of 91/30s and I want to scope one. I read somewhere that the iron sights on the 91/30 are attached to a 3/8 dovetail and can be driven off. Is this so?
    BKL has mounts for the dovetail and this seems a good rock solid mount for the big boomer. Has anyone done this?
    I'll then pick a long-eye-relief scope of around 2-4 power fixed for the optics.


  2. Yes but once you drill holes it will never be the same rifle.
  3. He said he's got a few of the rifles, so whatever. I am thinking of getting another 91/30 next time they go on sale just so I can have a rifle to bubba.
  4. That is so. I haven't done it though.
  5. True primal, they are you guys guns to do whatever you want to , but I look at them and wonder if they were at the defense of Stalingrad, or maybe when the Russians invaded Berlin, and it makes it hard for me to want to take a drill or hacksaw to one :shock:
    Just my personal preference.
  6. If you choose the above scope mount, spend $20 and have a Machine shop drill the holes. The instructions make it sound a lot easier that it is !!! It is hard to get the mount centered, but a Machine shop has all the clamps and jigs to make in easy. I know you want to do it yourself, but you'll wish you hadn't.
    I just got thru with one and I broke the tap off in the bolt as I was installing he handle, my local machine shop is fixing that boo-boo now.
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    LEO 1287,
    I have been wanting to do this to my 91/59 and make it a "Scout".

    Here is a link to some info on using the dovetail you asked about.

    The 91/59 has the same setup with the dovetail underneath.

    Both the 91/30 and the 91/59 MAY or MAY NOT be soldered in place, in addition to being pinned.

    Let us know how it works out.