Mosin Field Guage for Rent $5

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    Waltham has kindly offered up his Field Gauge for rent to any mosin owners who need to checkt their headspace.

    I recieved it sat, checked my rifle and plan on checking one more. After that it goes to the next in line or back to waltham.

    Anyone interested in renting it, please post "i'll take it" and I'll add you to the list.

    If anyone has any other tools they'd like to rent out, please let us know.
  2. z71silverado98 has been kind enough to offer to keep track of the gauge and collect the fees for its rental and forward them to me.

    I will take 35 for it, and once that has been reached, the gauge will be the property of the forum and it will be up to the forum to decide who will be the keeper of the gauge :)

    Heck, even after its the forums gauge, you guys could still charge a nominal fee and save it up for a firing pin made of magical metal for Primal for his Bday LOL

    I would highly suggest taking the extractor out before using the tool, so as to not damage it and give the next guy down the chain a bad reading.

    For those of you not familiar with a head space gauge, when inserted, take one finger and lightly try to close the bolt and see where it stops.

    DO NOT try to force it, as you will get a bad reading and possibly damage the gauge.

    Its really easy to do, not rocket science at all.

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    Just a reminder, Make sure the surfaces that are being measured are really clean.

    Maybe a sticky with step by step instructions on how you used the gauge?
  4. Looking forward to trying it out. will be sending my payment shortly.

    Here is a link that walks you through the prodedures and explains the importance of headspacing. If the link changes I have copied the pages and have them on file.

    Ignore the references to the other brand gauges, and remember that this is a field gauge, not a no go or go.

    Mods, since the goal is for the gauge to become forum property, you may want to combine this and the gauge rental and make them a sticky of some sort.

    Just an idea.