Mosin flash hider

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  1. leo 1287

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    I know the fire ball from the Mosin is awesome, but at night it kills night vision and give your location away.
    Has anyone made a flash hider for their Mosin?
    Is there one available on the market?

  2. neothespian

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    After moving to the US from Belfast and with the weapon I own being over 60 years old, I feel that I'm QUITE seperate from needing to conceal myself from night vision on my MN.

    Besides, (out of all respect of course :) )how the HELL are you going to conceal yourself the minute they hear you fire? That thing sounds like a Soviet Tiger tank when it goes of!

  3. There is one made for the m-44. Have heard tales of it flying when fired off if not installed correctly. Neo does raise a good point, and of course it's only out of curiousity, who or what are you trying to hide your flash from? No matter what you put on the thing you will have a rather big flash as it is quite a round to fire.
  4. AGuyNamedMike

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    His night vision reference is to his own eyesight. At night, when you fire it, the flash is so big and bright it ruins your night vision for several minutes until your eyes can adjust again. Some sort of flash hider should be able to ameliorate this, at least.

    As far as others observing the flash, well, reloads designed to minimize the fireball could be made to deal with that as well, I reckon.
  5. JasonJ

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    in the 21st century US, you shouldnt be shooting at anything smart enough to see where you fired from and come get you..

    typically things you'll be shooting at have 4 legs and small brains.. and hopefully die when you shoot them.
  6. I was mostly referring to him mentioning of the giving away his location part. I really am just curious and not trying to say no one needs one of those "evil things" like the "shoulder thing that goes up" lady. Just curious what scenerio he would be worried about this in.
  7. Leo,
    I'm having one made by my local Machine shop and I post a pic as soon as I pic it up, probably Wednesday. The CAD drawing I've seen is very cool. It is made to go on a 91/30.
  8. duker_sponk

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    I have one of those flimsy looking ones for like 12 dollars or whatever...or should I say had one of those for my M44. It comes loose from the massive shock of that round going off and it ends up falling off anyways. The actual bolt that was holding the flimsy "U" shaped bracket to the rest of the flash hider actually snapped in half when I tightened it down in a vain attempt to get some use out of it. It depends on what you have I guess...the one I bought was labeled a "muzzle break." I don't think they could come up with anything practical to hide a flash from that gun anyways. For the first 40 or so rounds it actually felt like I was getting hit in the face (seeing that instant flash of white light) and made my ears hurt even through my ear muffs. I could actually feel the shock in my head. The gases aren't redirected very well and consequently end up in your face rather than away from you and the gun.