Mosin M91/30 Stock - Which is more practical?

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In a SHTF type situation, which stock for the M91 is more practical?

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  1. Original wooden stock

  2. ATI replacement stock

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  3. Get a different rifle

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  1. 47_MasoN_47

    47_MasoN_47 You know who I am Member

    Thinking mostly in terms of SHTF, which stock for the Mosin would be the best choice? I bought the rifle mostly so that I would have something long range to shoot, and just because it sounds like a cannon, but I'd also planned on using it as a sniper if necessary for a SHTF scenario. Would it be better just to get a different rifle altogether? Hopefully this will help anyone else that may face a similar decision. Please take the following factors into consideration before answering:

    Ease of adding attachments (namely a scope and bipod)
    Felt recoil differences
    Durability (both of the barrel/bolt and the stock itself)
    Ease of operation
    Ease of cleaning
    Ease of reloading (stripper clips or hand loading [scope vs no scope also])

    If anyone else has some factors that they think would be pertinent, please feel free to mention them.

  2. That is my experience with the M91/30. Another note about the felt reciol: Even with the Monte Carlo stock, it still hurts like hell. Of course, I don't shoot rifles very often at all. And I just might be a wuss... :lol: :lol: :lol:
    But as I mentioned the punishment is worth it.

    My .02 Take care and stay safe

  3. Original wood stocks have lasted 60 years and most are still in good condition. Will the plastic stocks last that long?
  4. Very good point about the wood stocks. Proper care will keep them around another 60 years. And you don't have to change the stock to mount a scope, either.
  5. C5sam

    C5sam Member

    Gander Mountain sold a gazillion mosin Nagents with ATI stocks for $99, they looked awesome, black green camo, and the actions appeared to be hand selected from the very best. Ammo was the only reason I didn't grab one up. Seriously these could have passed for brand new.
  6. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Get a Mauser.... I like the size better, I like the bolt operation better. The Mauser did not become the basis for almost all modern bolt actions for nothing. A nice yugo M48 or a K98 would be nice. They can load very fast with the charger clips. Here is a video I made about how fast they can load.

  7. 47_MasoN_47

    47_MasoN_47 You know who I am Member

    Thanks for the results so far. I have heard of the scout setup, but like you I haven't really seen a scope I like that would work in that setup. The recoil isn't that bad to me. I dunno maybe I'm just weird.

    I'd really like to have a Mauser, but I've never even seen one around here. I'm not sure if the stores just don't carry em or if people buy em up really fast. I'll take a look around...if I buy any more guns I'll have to store em at my girlfriends house though. My parents found my stash disturbing and don't want me buying any more (I had some...problems...a few years ago). Of course they don't know about either of my pistols either so I'm sure they'd freak out even more then.
  8. Ari

    Ari Guest

  9. For the cost it would be hard to beat a bone stock Mosin. Get one full of cosmo and seal it in a PCV tube and bury it for later. For that matter how much would it cost to bury a dozen of them? Would an AR type gun be better? Sure. Wanna buy and bury some? Hell no! Ammo for the Mosin can be had for cheap from ammoman (about $5 for 20 rounds).

    In the context the question was asked I voted to keep the Mosin stock. They've worked for nearly 100 years as we own them now. Certainly they've worked for 65 years as we own them now. I'd not waste time or money spiffing mine up to kill the BGs. As we say at work...What kind of gum? Fuggum!
  10. Aye. I'm reconsidering going back to the original furniture on my 91/30. That's why I didn't give an answer as far as the poll goes. I like the Monte Carlo stock, but I also like the original as well.
  11. I had a 91/30 with a Monte Carlo stock. I actually traded it in because I'm going to get one with original wood. The Russians seem to have done well with them in their SHTF scenarios.
  12. You can get Turkish or Yugo 8mm mausers for a lot cheaper than you can the actual German ones.

    Especially the Yugo rifles, they are very similar to the K98's, reasonable priced, and great shooters. I highly recommend them

    Yugo M24/47, M48, M48A are nice short Mauser rifles

    The turk mausers are long rifles, the M1903 and M38 mine are beat up looking but good shooters

    I think all can be found for less than 200 each in good to very good condition.