Mosin Modifications

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  1. Hey all, I just picked up my first Mosin 91/30 and have yet to take it to the range. I have read quite a bit about floating the barrel or even corking the end to make it more accurate.

    What tips do you guys have to make this gun more accurate, enjoyable, or practical?

    I am not into "bubba" guns and like to keep within the general ballpark of originality.
  2. Ari

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    Just shoot it and enjoy it... :wink: It will never be a Remington 700 :lol:

  3. is what it is....
  4. I totally agree, but it is also a blast to learn how it works and what can be done to make it more enjoyable. Box O' Truth dialed it in impressively after corking it.

    Don't worry i am not looking to modify the original in any way.
  5. griff30

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    Corking a mosin? Could someone splain that?
  6. Mike_AZ

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  7. I think that grouping is very impressive for a Mosin.
  8. Thats really interesting. I always thought that free floating would bring the best accuracy.

    That is the kind of mods that I like to see. All you have to do is remove the cork and its back to its original configuration. :)
  9. dont want to hurt anyones feelings but that is a good grouping for just about any rifle. got to try that trick.
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    did they say how far away they were? I didn't see any distances in the article.
  11. Dreamthief

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    DOH! first page. you can't say I'm not a typical RIGHT in front of my face...
  12. you bet it is. esp for an open sight high caliber canon almost 70 years old.
  13. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    that's about how my zero targets looked for my M16...

    I want a Mosin, if my wife could only forgive me for my wild night out here in Korea I could convince her to buy one for me *B*
  14. HAHA!!! Korea getting the best of you eh? Are you on an un-accompanied short tour?
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    mosin's are already very accurate. i was watching a show on the military channel about arctic warfare , and during ww2 a finnish sniper using a finnish m38 mosin got over 500 confirmed kills over a 100 day period using iron sights.
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    also remember Mosin's were zeroed for 200m shots.

    so alot of us shoot at 100m and wonder why its off...
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    His name was Simo Hayha, and he was a total badass.