MOSIN! MOSIN! MOSIN! Buy a Mosin!!!!

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    Sorry. It's been over 3 weeks since there's been a Mosin thread, so I just wanted to remind everyone that they existed.... ;D
  2. I have noticed the ammo for them is starting to go up.

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    That whole demand thing is a real pain in the arse, I have noticed it all going up. :(
  4. I just found ammo today at what I feel is pretty decent. For $139 you can get 900 rounds of 182 grain fmj. To me in that caliber that is a lot of lead for a pretty fair price. Ammoman has 880 rounds of the same style shipped to your door for $199. Not sure if there is shipping on the first place. Check and is pretty good on that caliber. The first price is from ammunition to go, whoever that is.
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    I happened upon a nice find at the gun show in charlotte on saturday, 100 rnds of 1943 production russian heavy ball ammo, most of this was redone by the yugoslav's in the 60's but they have sealed primers. the ones I bought saturday were original copper washed and never redone. 100 rounds for $15.00 cause he couldn't guarantee that they'd fire. but still, they'll look good with my 2 Mosin's, a '43 M38 and a '44 M44
  6. is that corrosive or non??? reloadable???????
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    very corrosive, all surplus 7.62x54R is. but technically these cases are reloadable but don't know if I'd trust 1943 metal for more than one shot
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    I want a Mosin alright, and the ammo price just keeps rising, so I need to get one but don't know which. I want the longest barreled mosin or a Finnish version M79. The M79 is going up in price though so may stick with a standard Mosin.
    I also will be adding an ATI stock to it, I don't think the Russians are going to frown on the warrenty ...LOL! Along with the stock I would use a bent bolt handle and scope mount ATI offers...
    I may even Duracoat my own in cammo and rework the trigger. Cringe if you wish there are millions of them. As the saying goes .."This is my rifle, there are many like it but this one is MINE!"
    It adds up fast to around $300 for a $70 rifle but again it's fun and it beats crack addiction anyday.

    Also, I was stuck desiding between a F.E.G. Pa63 or a little more $ for a CZ-83. Then customize the heck out of it. I finally settled on the CZ-83. 12 round mags and a heavy frame has me sold.
  9. I think the M91/30 may be the longest MN. Correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe buy the ammo now and the gun later? I still don't think 900 rounds of that caliber for $140 is all that high.
  10. I ordered an M44 from SOG and it came yesterday. I'm stunned! It looks new, not a dent ot scratch, freshly re-arsenaled with all accessories for 69.99. Just need to clean off the cosmo and go shoot it. Got ammo from ammo2go for 80/400. With my sholder that will last quite a while.
  11. The corrosive ammo can be bought a hell of a lot cheaper than factory fresh ammo, its pretty well as good as long as you are not wanting to be a sniper, and its easy to clean up afterwards.

    You cant beat the price of the Mosins either.

    For example, a run of the mill 8mm Turkish Mauser, which as far as I know are about the cheapest ones, are running close to 150 these days, and they are not near as pretty as the refurbished Mosins are.

    (Still, the Mausers are really fun to shoot too though)
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    rub it in, go ahead lol I'll have me a mauser soon so I can play too
  13. Start out with a long Turkish Mauser, they are the cheapest, not the prettiest, but a real blast to shoot. The M1903 (built inbetween 1903 - 1905 and rearsenaled by the turks in the 30's and 40's are nice rifles and could well have been used by the Turks in WW1 in places like Galopoli.

    The M38 Turks were made or assembled from parts got from here and there, stockpiled by the Turks during WWII (they were a neutral country) and never saw combat so are a good rifle to sporterize as they have no real historical significance, are not that expensive either

    I now own 6 mausers vs 4 MN's and to be honest, the Mausers are a sturdier rifle, with more "meat" to them if you know what I mean.

    There are also the Yugo Mausers, the M24/47 and the M48's that can be had at a fairly decent price of around 200 bucks give or take, physically more like a k98 (except its a straight bolt carbine) but cost more than the Turks

    Then there are the Russian Capture k98's which can be had for 200 and up depending on the rifle They are k98 rifles captured or confiscated by the Russians and refinished by them (They were worried that we were going to invade them and wanted every rifle they could get their hands on)

    If you get a real deal k98 never refinished, even if not totally matching parts, be ready to pay some bucks.

    That is pretty well how I see things as far as the Mausers go. OF course there are many other countries that used mausers, but they are more rare and bring more money.
  14. waltham, you know too much... you're making me feel inferior... and I thought you were my buddy?
  15. Mausers are just a better animal on every front than a Mosin. The Mauser's design has been duplicated over and over ever since it was originally put into production. Hell, the US took 8 years to develop a military rifle as good as a Mauser, and it looked and functioned identically. That rifle being the 1903.
  16. Accorging to info at a site dedicated to Mosin-Nagants the 91/30 was the one produced the longest and therefore was the most plentiful and probably cheaper. I had one but it had been bubba'd and I wasn't real pleased with the look of it compared to theboriginal animal.

    I got a rearsenaled M44, (which has the permanently mounted folding bayonet but is a carbine (short rifle) like the M91/30. Not that we need bayonets in this day and age... but when I look at that beautiful piece of history with it's bayonet extended it just does something to me...

    Excuse me... I've been up too late tonight.... Any MN you cand find and afford that's in good condition is certainly worth getting. :)
  17. We (primal and I) used to buy either surplus $3.50/20 or wolf non corrosive for a dollar more. Not bad prices if he still sells it for that price. Was nice cause we could just stop in on our way to the range for a "quick" ammo purchase. Then 2-3 hours later I was dragging Primal out afgter we dropped $100 or so in ammo for the day and often primal with a new gun or two. Talk about kids in a candy store...
  18. LOL of course Im your buddy shadowlands, its just that I do not have a life, so I sit around and read about guns for hours a day. Not an expert at anything for sure, but know a little bit in different areas.

    I do not know diddly squat about most modern guns. Not really interested in them, so I dont read about them. Will be the first to admit that. :)

    Am getting the Russian capture k98 today, will try to post some halfway decent pics this evening.
  19. Waltham,
    Yes, please do post them and let us all know more...
    I'm interested, for sure...

    Loves me some guns!!!
  20. "MOSIN! MOSIN! MOSIN! Buy a Mosin!!!!"

    So I did. I picked up my first (note the qualifier): a 1942 M38 Izzy:




    Goodies: The metal finish is in great shape, the bore is good, and the numbers match. The stock is laminated, which some like, but I don't care that much about it. The wood is in very good shape, though the shellac is rough. Bonus: it came with a strap.

    The not-so-goodies: it's been counterbored and recrowned, which suggests that the matching numbers may have been forced that way during reworking at the arsenal. And it bears the importer's marks.

    Oh, well, for $79.95 locally, it was the best deal I've seen here in the Atlanta area since I started looking last fall. The cherry on top: I have a 300-round can of heavy ball Bulgarian on the way.

    Ooops -- almost forgot: TOES!

    Picture edited by PrimalSeal. That't not even funny bro!