Mosin Nagant 91/30

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    Just picked up these 3 beauties at Big 5 for 79.00 each!! They will look a lot better when I get that varnish off them and lighten the wood color up. They are supposed to get some M-44's in next week, so I guess I'll have to make another trip over there. I'll post some more pictures of these after I redo the stocks.
  2. Oven cleaner wrapped in a trash bag for a few hours works for me. That Russian shellac is awful stuff to get off.

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  4. They look really nice just as they are to me :D
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    If you want them for historic value, don't mess with the finish at all.

    If you just want some nice clean, cheap shooters, then go to town on 'em.

    I've got two M44s on the way, and I'm planning on giving mine (the other's for the wife) the same treatment as I gave my AKs

    Probably go with the red...
  6. Hey Ijit, Do you know anyone that could make raw furniture out of rifle stock blanks?? I'll start looking and see what I can come with as well. That would cure the problem of the cosmoline soaked wood.
  7. Nice lookin' Mosins man. I had to pass on a Turkish Mauser that I found for $115.00 as it was just horribly beat to hell and back... Still looking.
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    Sure don't--sorry. Wouldn't be worth it to me anyway, because the cost of the stock alone would be more than the value of the $50 gun...
  9. I have 4 Turkish mausers, 2-M1903's and 2- M38's and have yet to see a pretty one. I think the majority of them were rode hard and put up wet.

    One of my M1903's I think has a piece of shrapnel in the stock. Its definitely not a pin to fix a crack, just a piece of metal stuck in the stock.

    They are still great rifles to shoot though.