Mosin Nagant Firing safety question

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  1. Concerned with the "headspace" danger of the Mosin Nagants, I checked both of mine today with a field gauge before I ever fired them. I then built a jig and fired both with a string from about 20-25 feet. Both fired without blowing up, am I good to shoot as I please with no concerns ?

    By the way, these bad boys are loud :shock:
  2. You have done what you can so now you are good to go. Out of curiosity are your serial numbers matching, forced match or don't match at all?

  3. all of the above :roll:

    Sit down, this is gonna take a while.
    I got the 91/30 with mismatched serial numbers, but broke off a tap trying to install a ATI bolt handle. I had ordered a custom sniper bolt/handle for it just in case I didn't like the ATI handle and had it stamped to match the gun, but it wouldn't work with the ATI Scope mount. In the mean time my M44 came in with matching serial numbers.
    I took the aftermarket sniper bolt and installed it in the M44, then I install the ATI handle onto the M44 bolt and put it on my 91/30.

    So now neither matches, but at one time one was force and the other did, but originally I had one that didn't and one that did !

    Are you confused yet ?
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    What did your brass look like afterward? As you can see head space problems on your brass. I have been looking for a photo what to look for but I have not found one yet. There would be a slight bulge round the lower part of the brass.
  5. Im with Ari, if they passed the field test, and the casings do not look deformed in any way, I would feel as safe as it is possible while shooting a gun that is as old as they are
  6. I have a no-go gauge, I think I will break them down and test with it just to be sure.