Mosin Nagant M38

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  1. Well I have been on the hunt for a nice M38 Mosin for some time now. Between having a very hard time finding one in it's original stock without the bayonet groove and waiting for my C&R to go through I was about to give up. Until to today when I was on a test drive for work and happend to pass a newly open gun store :lol: The store is pretty small with limited supplies, but as I was lookin around what did I come across ?? I few very good looking M38 Mosins all in there original stocks for $99 each !!!! I know this post isn't worth very much without pictures, but until I get paid on Friday were all gonna have to wait.... :evil:
  2. Grab that joker up as soon as you can, they aren't going to last long at that price. Good find btw, just snag one while you have the chance.

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    no kidding. most m38's go for more than that. good find.
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    i wish i had a good mosin. hell, i wish i HAD a mosin. it's near the top of the list.
  5. I paid $80 at a gun show 6 months ago for an M38 in the true M38 stock...all number stamped match...100% metal and wood....had rust flakes in the barrel.

    The kid who had it didn't understand about corrosive ammo....I took it home and cleaned the hell out of wound up being a solid 90% barrel after I was done...must of been a 100% barrel before the kid fired it.

    I love Mosins! Got 4 of them... 8)
  6. Yea we found primal one and haggled it down real cheap cause we thought it was an m-44 (didnt know much about mosins then) and the guy selling it for a friend didnt know crap either. So we haggled..."bayo is missing...gonna cost $25 plus shipping just to get one" blah blah. Got it for a $75 OTD I believe since I had just bought my m44 from him for $100. That was a good day, especially for that crap hole towns pathetic gun shows, but they seem to be getting a liiiitttle better as he scored some cheap mags at the last one.
  7. Well here she is as promised.... All numbers matching 1944 M38


  8. Sweet.

    I would like to find a nice M38 stock to replace the one on my M38, which has the M44 stock on it.
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    Nice! If I ever did another mosin it would be a m38