Mosin Nagant M44

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  1. Now that I have about finished my 91/30 project I'm thinking of building a M44 since I found a these good prices.

    I enjoy the add-on's like ATI Stocks, Scopes, ect. but I showed it the picture to my wife and she liked the way it looks stock !

    I did the 91/30 in the ATI Camo stock, ATI scope mount, Leapers 3x9x50mm scope. I'm having a custom Compensator made as we speak.

    I'd like to do a ATI Black stock, but I'll never attempt another over the bolt scope mount because it took a machine shop friend to help me get it right and I don't really care for the long eye relief scope look, so I don't know what I'm going to do there.
  2. I would never (within reason) alter a fine M44-- Mine is how I bought it-- I may ATI one of my Type 53s though...

    To each his own...

    Remember to post pics when done!!!

  3. I like the Mosins in the AS ISSUED condition, altering an old mil surp is not something I would do. The M44 is one sweet looking rifle in its military configuration in my opinion.
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    Agreed...part of their appeal is the beautiful wood framework...
  5. I would have to agree. I have a 1948 M44 and would never even think about altering it. I always get alot of looks at the range with it.
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    Each one has a different taste.

    For me? I'd LOVE to go more "classic" with it than military: Utra-gloss wood finish, brass plate ALL the hardware and mirror-polish the bolt and bayonet, and a new solid brass buttplate. Almost more like a steampunk styled adventurer's carbine (Think more a Tim Burton piece...everything stylized up).
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    how about buy 2 that way you can bubba one and polish the other.
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    Already started on the M44 pimping, but we're getting another in the household so we'll have a balance. The only problem is that the surface of the gun is so abused that getting that "mirror" finish is proving to be a pain!! I think what we have to remember is that these guns ARE at least 60 years old (if not far older). It's not like polishing up a C9. The wood is turning out far better, and I've got the right finish to match the original tone of the wood with ALOT of high-gloss sheen.

    Overall, it's a matter of overcomming it's hard life. Dunno how I'm going to brass plate but I'm getting there.
  9. perhaps you should consider the K-31....I bought one from Classic Arms (their "hand select option, $10 bucks more) and its some of the best money I have spent...what a shooter!....drawbacks; surplus ammo is a pain to reload (berdan primers) new boxer brass is somewhat expensive but if you can get past that, you'll have an incredibly shooting rifle (or carbine, hence the "K"!)

    good luck with your project!