Mosin Nagant Safety and Maintenance Information

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  1. Mosin Nagant hints and tips.

    Here are a couple of links that cover a couple of important and common issues with these rifles.

    Sticky bolt problem.

    Headspace information

    All about the MN family of rifles

    Another link with info:

    A couple of Youtube videos that show taking the bolt apart and putting it back together. The bolts are all basically the same so this will work with all Russian MN rifles.

    IMPORTANT The measurement he is checking is the firing pin protusion, NOT the headspace!



    Something to think about safety issues on the MN Rifles


    Unlike the Mauser K98, Springfield 1903, or Swiss K31, which all have safety ports for escaped gas from improper headpsace to run off in a "safe" direction, gas escaped from poorly headspaced Nagants have only one direction in which to go - your face.

    The Czar had plenty of conscripts and had no qualms about this.

    The firing pin has been known to come out of the rifle into the shooters face. Very rare, but do you want to take a chance with your eyes?
  2. What did you other MN owner's do to get rid of the cosmoline in your Mosin Nagants? I've heard everything from boiling water to sticking it in a trash bag in the sun. Also, is there any info on what sort of lubrication is needed for an MN, and where it should be placed and how much of it?

    Like I've said before, I'm a total newb to all of this and I don't want to do anything to harm a piece of history like my new MN if I can avoid it :)

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    Sticky bolt link is dead
  4. Thanks for pointing that out, they changed their links. :)
  5. Between them and the site, you can find out a LOT of info on these rifles :)
  6. Tell me about it! That cleaning page alone is worth its weight in gold to me! :D Now I know exactly what I'm going to need to get this rifle in shape and ready to fire. The weekend can't come fast enough! :D
  7. Anyone know whether or not the headspace is checked when the MNs are arsenal reworked?

    I've fired mine quite a few times and haven't had a problem, thankfully.
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    Can Someone explain the "Headspace" to me?

  9. From

    By the way, the links above don't work, at least not for me. Here is the one for headspace:
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    all those links are dead
  11. Thanks for the heads up on the links, please feel free to PM me about dead links and I will do my best to find them or replace them with similar information.

    If you are serious about Mosin Nagants, I suggest printing the pages for your future reference.

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    Well, I already got on and bookmarked the links I wanted, ie - the headspace and sticking bolt ones.
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    Anyone have headspace guages they wouldnt mind renting to me?
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    I would like to own one of these, but maybe I shouldn't if it is going to blow up in my face. :(
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    Hmm I'm glad I read this. I think I'll pick up one of those NO-GO tests before I start running ammo through my Mosin. I've already cleaned it up good, it was just made in November so the cosmoline was still really thin and easy to clean off. I didn't have to bake it or anything like with the AK. My ammo comes in Friday though...maybe I'll just strap it to a tree and tie a string to the trigger to test fire it haha.
  16. Any old high power rifle should be checked out carefully before firing. Safety first!
  17. I'm NEW here. I never knew that you had to head space a Mosin-Nagant. I bought a 91-30, the long one. And a M-44. I bought some bullets in a spam can...I think 440 rounds in that can. I shot around 50 in each rifle. No problems. I bought both guns from the same pawn shop, he stated that they were good to shoot. The 91-30 was one that they redid...repaint, made to look nice...I guess. The M-44 was NOT touched at all, like one of those battle pick-ups. My ? is...are these SAFE to shoot? Any help, will be NICE. Thanks so much.
  18. Damn...I was seriouly thinking about gtting a Mosin but yall are scaring me about blowing my face off just to shoot a gun...