Mosin Nagant scope mount

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    I recently purchased one of the MN scope mounts that replaces the rear site. Last weekend, I installed it and a red dot, then headed to the range to try and sight it in. Well, long story short, it didn't go well. The scope mount kept getting loose after a few shots. After tightening it up several times, I gave it up. I bought some threadlock and I'm hoping that helps. Anybody else here using one of these? Did you have the same issues? Thanks
  2. I have one of the scope mounts but have not shot with it yet. This could be an interesting problem. Lets say the threadlock is the only way to go. I am assuming you would use the non permanent blue stuff. What would be the steps for applying it? And would the non permanent stuff be strong enough for the mosin recoil? I am guessing you would want to take the threadlock to the range with you. Just before shooting and sighting in the scope place the threadlock on the screws. Then shoot only until your sighted in and stop. If you continue to shoot I am guessing the threads will loosen back up because the thread lock has not had time to set. Once it has time to cure I hope it can hold zero.

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    Have one On my 303 but hvent shot yet. Will see if range is open this weekend. Well at least see if it is warm enough for me any way. If it is tooo cod I will only show up with the 40 and 9mm. If it even colder I will say screw it.
  4. I sacrificed one of my many Mosins and used the scope mount that requires you to drill and tap the receiver. It makes for a very solid mount and have not had any problems. It also shortens up the eye relief considerably...