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  1. So i ordered my m44 mosin from ohio rapid fire today, and I am thinking of sportserizing it. I am wanting to ati it eventually, and ad a scope mount and change the operating handle. Is this som ething i can do myself? or should i have a gunsmith drill and tap the bolt and receiver??
  2. You can buy a scope mount from that hooks to the bracket that the rear sight mounts. That way you don't drill and tap that weapon and you can keep some of the authenticity of that rifle. Just my $0.02.

    Here is a link to the MN page

    Besides, if you buy from milsurpstuff, you are buying from Benny429, a respected member of our forum and he gives forum members a 5% discount! Great service and super fast shipping as well. Take a look at the page.

  3. This will give you a EEA (extended eye relief, AKA scout style) set up which works well for many. But if you are going to have it drilled and tapped for a standard scope, you can have the smith chop and recrown the tip of the barrel. All in all I say keep the mosin the way it is if it's in good shape and wait till you stumble upon one that cheap and has a jacked up stock and you will never have any remorse down the road when these bad boys raise in price.
  4. Dont chop or drill it if you can help it, you will soon own a piece of history.

    If you want to drill on something, get an old Marlin 30 30 and kill it ;)

    Make sure you have the head space checked by a gunsmith before firing it. Dont want anything bad to happen.
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    nooooooooo! keep it stock!!!
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    Just my opinion, but these rifles are never going to go up so much in price beyond normal inflation of the dollar. Yeah, a rifle that is considered a collector's item today, like a genuine sniper, will be valuable in the future. But, your run-of-the-mill Big5 purchase is still going to be just a surplus rife in 20 years. With so much surplus floating around, go ahead and make the rifle into one that meets all of YOUR needs. If you want a MN investment, find a Finn or a 1891, or a REAL PU sniper. Otherwise, go nuts with your "Bubba-izing".
  7. What they all said! If you use the no-drill scope mounting kit, you always have the option of having both the the sporter and the original weapon just by changing the gun's clothes.
  8. I am just worried about he mount coming lose after a few rounds. Also doesn't having an extended eye relief scope limit your options alot? Arent the EER scopse also much more expensive?
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    Mine was loosening up, but I haven't been able to get back out to the range since I put threadlock on it. Yes, and yes (there are some inexpensive NCStar ones out there)
  10. I don't understand why people always want to sporterize a M44....find a M38 if you MUST bayo to cut off.

  11. Yeah, and if its got the correct M38 stock on it, let me know ;)

  12. Yeah, and if its got the correct M38 stock on it, let me know ;)
  13. For 59.95, You would sportsterize an m44 instead of an m38 to.
  14. If their $59.95 they must not be all stamped number matching so have at it then...
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    When I did mine M38's were not available. Besides at $59 for the M44 I wasn't worried about it. I did all the work on this one myself. The scope mount is an off the shelf 870 Remington mount that I modified to mount and set up like the PU scope mount (without the price)


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    For what most mosins cost you could buy one to do whatever with and buy another to keep original.

  17. That is what i intend to do. I want to have original numbers matching msoin, but i need a deer rifle next year, and i figured that sportseriazing an m44 would be the ticket.