Mosin sniper

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  1. Fenix

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    There was an article about him in a magazine i bought last month, i'll find the name once i'm out of class.

  2. That's amazing that one man can take out that many of the enemy. Wow.
  3. Uraijit

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    Ever notice how some of the most effective fighters are just regular citizens who answer the call when their country needs them? Humble too. Gotta love that!
  4. Fenix

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    interesting though, in the article i read on him, he killed the sniper who shot him.
  5. Uraijit

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    That'll teach him.
  7. hpman

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    you mess with a bull, you're gonna get the horns.........
  8. bombadillo

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    Remind me not to piss him off!
  9. That's an impressive record.
  10. You read of guys like this man or the German ace Erich Hartmann who shot down 352 enemy airplanes during WW2 and you have to wonder what it is that makes them so different.

    Good find
  11. Silicon Wolverine

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    Drive, intelligence, aggresiveness-any or all. Some people are just natural born killing machines. Only in war does thier skill show itself.

  12. Ari

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    And a bunch of being in the right place at the right time!
  13. Always remember . Iit is only a job , and you must do your job the best that you can .
  14. Some people are just progidies, too.
  15. Mike_AZ

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    So, you're saying he's is the Mozart of shooting people.
  17. elguapo

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    One of Murphys laws:

    "When the enemy is within range, so are you!"
  18. Mike_AZ

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    Only if you're using the same weapon.
  19. Batjac

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    Well, Eric Hartmann was a very good pilot, and I'd never say otherwise. But he had a big advantage. His first few dozen kills were against Russian fighters which wre vastly inferior to his aircraft. By the time he started flying against P-51's,he'd had a lot of dogfighting experience. I've always wondered how he'd have done if he'd started off facing Americans or Brits...