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  1. Anybody have a high/low value on this. Ill have pics later

    Finn Capture Westinghouse Mosin Nagant
  2. SWAGA

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    Ajole or PapaTaylor will know the answer to that.

  3. MaryB

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    Depends on numbers match or not too
  4. Grant

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    Depends on a lot. They were made in the US so Finn capture???
    Anyway a really nice one sold on Gunauctions not too long ago at $249. It appeared in very good condition so I would say that is the very high side and would be something less than that.
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    Just prior to WWI both Remington and Westinghouse were contracted by the Russians to produce Mosin Nagant rifles. Westinghouse made around 1.5-2 million Mosin Nagants. Not all of them were delivered to the Russians and were subsequently sold to Britain. The rifles in Great Britain were used to arm the US and British expeditionary forces sent to North Russia. Scores of Mosin Nagants were captured by German forces and saw service with rear-echelon forces and the German navy as well. Many of these were later sold to Finland in the 1920s. So to answer some peoples questions: Yes, Westinghouse produced Mosin Nagants were both sold to the Finnish and possibly captured as well.

    For values of Finnish Mosin Nagants, one of the best sites to use as a gauge is the site of Pat Burns. She deals exclusively with Finnish Mosin Nagants and is right on the mark for pricing. Westinghouse Mosin Nagants are no more rarer or valuable then any other Finnish Mosin Nagant. However, many people will throw lots of money at them thinking they are something special. Here is the link to her site:

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    A friend asked today what I would sell one of mine for. I didn't really know. But told him what I paid for it and how much time I spent on them and said if I did it would be about $400 because of all the time spent on working on each. He said he would like one. So should I sell one or not? Kinda like them but could get more for that price
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    The question here is: do you like the journey, or the destination better? If you prefer working on guns to shooting the finished product I would sell it. However if you fall in love with how every project comes out and can't see ever doing the same thing or better again I would keep it.
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    I don't know what to do have to sleep on it.
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    Keep in mind that now that you have your 03 FFL, you can sell "in furtherance of your collection" but not as a means to make an income. That being said, if you can buy it for $100, clean and fix it up and then sell it for $400 and use the proceeds to buy more for your collection; you would be smart. Just don't go overboard or they could say you are doing it as a business. Make sure you keep your Bound Book in order no matter what you do.

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    Ya decieded to tell him if he wants it its $450 for the gun and $550 if he wants the scope and extras that I put on it. Dam thing means alot to me :(
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    It sounds like you might be setting yourself up for some regret. If sell it, you'll end up being like SWAGA and his quest to get back his .30-06. You may want to rethink this, Moona.
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    There is 1 reason to keep it, and 550 not to. :)

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    It'll probably cost more to get it back--maybe about $600.

    550-600= -50

    That means that there are about -50 reasons to keep it.:p
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    Can't say definitively without pictures.

    Finn capture actually hurts the value on the US made mosin nagants to some collectors, as they prefer them untarnished and purely American stamped. A Finn capture could be a NEW barrel on a Russian receiver.

    Sporterized and Finn capture? $200

    Finn capture unsporterized? $350

    Non Finn non sport? $600-$1000 on gb or to a collector.

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    It'll go up now once folks see the video. ;)

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