Mossberg 500 3 in 1 Combo

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  1. I was about to order the Maverick 88 18.5 barrel. for $255 all fees included. I went ahead and called all the local shops and no one had a better deal even on a used model. then i checked the price of long barrels as well. I love shooting clays with my dad so its not an option to skip the long barrel. They were $150+CC fees taxes and shipping.

    So i went back to and double checked the mossbergs. They had the 3 in 1 combination for $355 all fees included. So after I explained to my wife I would be saving money in the long run and getting the real mossberg. She said go ahead.

    The 3 in 1 is your standard "home / field" combo. But with a pistol grip, and all the chokes.
    So all included should be Mossberg 500 12GA, 28" vent rib barrel, 18.5" barrel, and a pistol grip.
    Happy birth day to me. :D

    Attached the stock photo for you boys. The real gun should be here in a week.

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  2. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I've never liked the pistol grips.
    Saw a used 500 with wood and a 28 " barrel for $225 today. Looks like your deal is decent to me.

  3. MaryB

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    Have one of those! Pistol grip is in the drawer full of junk gun parts...
  4. greg_r

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    It's a handful with the pistol grip installed. At least with any kind of SD load you are likely to use. Fair price though.
  5. I probably won't use the pistol grip. But I will give it a try. Either way it's still cheaper than buying the maverick and another barrel later.
  6. MaryB

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    Mine has seen service pheasant hunting and works well for that. And I have the 18" barrel on it for HD use. I tried the pistol grip, fine for firing from the hip... there is a very funny video of some dude trying to hold it up and sight down the barrel to fire it with a pistol grip...
  7. I have seen some of those videos Id definitely start out with low brass on a PGO. Alot of those videos make me wander if they stuck some 3" buckshot or slugs in there. :rofl:

    I will be doing some bird hunting with it. This lets me Retire the old Mossberg 20GA bolt action my dad gave me when I was 12. So I can then hand it down to my son. It was getting pretty beat up in the rain and the mountain.
  8. MaryB

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    I have a case of 00 low recoil police ammo... little easier on the shoulder!
  9. Rachgier

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    I thought you were some sort of bad ass with all those stories of yours? Low recoil... What a wuss.
  10. lsi1

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    I bought this a couple years back. Good deal the mossy pistol grip is garbage and so is the forend try the hogue overmolded set cheap and makes the pistil grip shotgun a little more fun to shoot. I've shot a lot of loads through the pgo shotgun and its easy to say they are impossible to shoot if you've only shot 1 or 2 rounds through them but if you practice they aren't as hard to aim as some would lead you to believe.

    I broke a big ruld of mine and sold a gun today. not because I needed the money but because a good friend wanted the 500 rolling thunder setup that I picked up a couple weeks back.
  11. lsi1

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    my brother in law had never shot a shotgun before and really wanted to shoot my pgo mossberg 500 so we took it out and fired some rounds through it. It escalated quickly into me holding it out in a 2 handed pistol shooters stance trying to hold onto buckshot. I'm also shocked that Mary chose low recoil I figured her to shoot 3 inch slugs weak handed.
  12. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    3"? I had her figured for weak hand 3.5" magnum shells.
  13. cicpup

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    Standard ammo causes her chair to roll backwards.
  14. moona11

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    Or flip over;-)

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  15. Rachgier

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    Oh come on now. You know she's in to racing. I'll bet her chair came with wheelie bars.
  16. lsi1

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    I would try it once. it would probably hurt but once for sure twice as long as there was no blood.
  17. Rachgier

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    Wear a football helmet....
  18. sarahsmom

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    Watched a guy shoot an 8ga double barrel once - he shot both barrels ad once - ended up flat on his back! Sadly, no cell phones to take video back then - it was hilarious!
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  20. undeRGRound

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    PS: Nice Grab, Elsey! :D